Stelrad Radiator Group recognises the importance of looking after the environment and the link that this has on its business success. It is therefore of primary concern to the company, that the environment is protected as an integral part of its operations. To achieve this, we commit to the following principles and activities:

  • To comply with relevant environmental legislations and regulations, but also wherever it is practicably possible, look to use best practice techniques and processes.
  • To seek to reduce and eliminate waste where possible by more efficient use of raw materials, fuel and energy.
  • To commit to continual improvement in environmental performance relevant to its primary operation of producing and delivering radiators.
  • Company environmental performance is reviewed at local level monthly and annually to develop business objectives.
  • We will work closely with both suppliers and customers to help demonstrate our commitment to this policy and to promote environmental awareness.

The Directors of Stelrad Radiator Group are fully committed to the success of environmental management initiatives and will allocate appropriate resources in order to achieve objectives and targets.