Leading radiator manufacturer Stelrad has provided the radiators for the new Gwynedd Museum and Art Gallery, recently opened in Bangor on the north west Wales coast. The new Museum and Art Gallery has been named ‘Storiel’ – a name that combines the Welsh language words for the two main purposes of the museum and gallery, stori – the stories about each of the artefacts cared for and exhibited, as well as being a gallery or ‘oriel’ showing contemporary and historical art.

The grade 2 listed building that houses the new facility is the site of the old Town Hall in Bangor and the museum and art gallery have literally moved across the road from the old home for the exhibits. It’s close by to the University and the Cathedral in the city. The renovation project has cost £2.4 million with £1.4 million coming from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The Stelrad Radiators selected for the project were mainly Classic Columns and models from their Compact range, with a small number of Low Surface Temperature LSTi Plus radiators for the toilets for those with disabilities, in the building.

Project Manager for the new building is Esther Roberts: “We chose the Classic Column radiators for the main areas where the visitors will be and the Compacts for the staff areas and corridors around the building. The building is a very light and airy one, and the white radiators blend well into the décor of the building.”

“We’re delighted to be involved in such a prestigious development,” says Stelrad’s Marketing Manager Chris Harvey. “The Classic Column radiators could have been designed for a building like this and work really well in the reception area. They offer a classic design that complements both contemporary and traditional interiors so well. They provide a real, style statement that perfectly suits the space at the Storiel.”

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