Stelrad Vita Plan and Vita Ultra make it to ‘heaven’!

It’s not often you can claim your products have made it to heaven, but a number of Stelrad Vita Plan and Vita Ultra, flat fronted designer radiators have done just that at leading private girls school Roedean, on the Sussex coast near Brighton.

The school which has 400 boarders and a number of boarding houses for the pupils to live in, is gradually upgrading the heating systems in its properties and the top floors of these boarding houses, which are extremely high, are known colloquially amongst the staff and pupils as ‘heaven’. Architects Miller Bourne from nearby Hove are responsible for the selection of the radiators and they were supplied via Plumb Centre in Brighton.

The Vita Plan and Vita Ultra radiators have been installed in the corridors, bathrooms and bedrooms of the boarding houses in place of the elderly radiators that had been in use for many years. In fact some early 20th century radiators, now disconnected from the heating system, have been retained in the corridors as ornaments, installed when the first central heating system was installed at the school.

Andi Antoniou is the Estates Officer for Roedean School: “We like these new modern radiators that we’ve had installed in parts of the school. They certainly look attractive and deliver heat very effectively where we need it. We have a number of horizontal Vita Plan and Vita Ultra radiators in the corridors, bathrooms and bedrooms and we also have several Vita Plan Vertical models in the shower areas. Being flat fronted they are easy to keep clean which is a major plus in a school environment. We’re very happy with them.”

Andrew Voice is Stelrad’s Brand Specialist for the South East: “This is a great place to have our radiators on show. Roedean goes back to 1885 and has grown to have over 620 students now, with more than 400 who board at the school. It’s essential that the boarders have adequate warmth when its needed. There has also been some positive comments from parents about the aesthetic appeal of the new radiators in the boarding houses.”

The Vita Plan and Vita Ultra designs have grown in popularity since the launch and are particularly popular in new build housing developments and as a replacement radiator design in schools, public buildings and heating replacement projects in residential and commercial buildings. You can find out more about the Vita Plan and Vita Ultra and the wide range of designs available at You can call for further information on 0844 543 6200 or email You can follow Stelrad on Twitter @Stelrad or on Facebook at