Fill up with Stelrad

Fill up your tank with FREE fuel when you buy any Stelrad Classic Column, Vita Series or LST range premium radiator.

Get a £5 fuel voucher for each Vita Deco or Vita Compact K3 radiator you purchase.

Get a £10 fuel voucher for each Vita Plan, Vita Column, Vita Verticals, Vita Ultra, Vita Deco Concept, Vita Plan Concept, Vita Column Concept or any LST range radiator you purchase.

Get a £30 fuel voucher for each Stelrad Classic Column you purchase.

Due to a recent change, Supermarket petrol stations are no longer accepting supermarket gift vouchers as payment. Therefore we are now sending Love2Shop ecodes via email which can be redeemed for vouchers against a variety of high street and supermarket stores. Terms and Conditions apply.

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