Stelrad Radiator’s Energy Saving Series

Stelrad has certainly made a name for itself within the energy saving market.  Their unique energy saving series is bound to revolutionize the way you heat your home!  The Stelrad Radical Radiator will heat the room, not the wall.  Traditional radiators often waste valuable energy from the back of the radiator.  This heat usually goes into and through the wall.  Stelrad radiators change all of this.  The way the flow connection to the front panel of the radiator and the return connection to the back of the radiator ensures that you will feel warmer faster!  In this article, we’re going to be taking a closer look at Stelrad radiator’s energy saving series and how it can help you to cut your energy costs.

Stelrad Radical Radiator

With the power we use in buildings accounting for over 40% of all global energy consumption, it’s important that we consider the massive impact this has on the environment.  With smart management, you’ll be happy to hear that buildings can easily emit up to 60% less CO2.  Choosing Stelrad’s energy saving series is a step in the right direction when it comes to cutting both your CO2 emissions and your overall costs.

Stelrad’s unique Radical Radiator series uses higher levels of radiation in the front panel so that the back panel is much cooler than other radiators.  This simple change means up to 9% less radiant heat is lost through the back of a Stelrad radical radiator.  This means that your overall heating system will operate more efficiently and will reduce your bills and CO2 emissions easily.

Are Radical Radiators the Future?

Nowadays, efficiency is fast-becoming one of the main considerations when you start to make changes to your home.  Taking a look at different eco-friendly heating systems could help to save you money in the long run.  New heating systems like Stelrad’s Radical Radiator series help to maximise the energy output of your heating system.  They will also help with cutting heating costs by making your radiators run more efficiently.  You may be surprised by the substantial difference changing your heating system can make.

Stelrad’s Energy Efficient Radiator Series

We’re sure you’ll agree that opting for Stelrad’s unique Radical Radiator series is definitely a step in the right direction when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint, as well as your energy bills.  One of the best things about this radiator series is that it will run as efficiently as possible.  This means that switching to a Radical radiator series can automatically save you up to 10.5% in heating costs.

Choosing Your Ideal Radical Radiator System

As well as providing a more cost-effective heating solution for your home, the Radical Radiator system offers a number of flexible design options.  You can choose from a number of different panel styles, as well as different radiator sizes.  This makes it easy to customize the Stelrad energy saving series for your personal heating needs.

Already made the leap to a more energy-efficient heating system?  Let us know about your own experiences in the comments below.

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One of our energy saving radiators

One of our energy saving radiators

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