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The first serial feed radiator in the UK.

Product Ranges

Stelrad combines the most sophisticated production resources in Europe with substantial investment in testing and verification of performance data, which has helped us create high output radiators delivering heating performance that exceed expectation.

We also want to exceed expectations when it comes to customer service, and our experts are on hand to support and understand your technical specification needs.

To contact our team of specialists, call 0844 543 6200 and then option 1.

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Height (mm) Length (mm) Stelrad UIN Straight 10mm Stelrad UIN Angle 10mm Stelrad UIN Straight 15mm Stelrad UIN Angle 15mm Heat Output (Watts) Heat Output (Btu/hr)


1000 33111010S 33111010A 33111015S 33111015A 509 1737


400 35110410S 35110410A 35110415S 35110415S 333 1136
500 35110510S 35110510A 35110515S 35110515A 417 1423
600 35110610S 35110610A 35110615S 35110615A 500 1706


400 36110410S 36110410A 36110415S 36110415A 392 1338
500 36110510S 36110510A 36110515S 36110515A 490 1672
600 36110610S 36110610A 36110615S 36110615A 588 2006
Height (mm) Length (mm) Stelrad UIN Straight 10mm Stelrad UIN Angle 10mm Stelrad UIN Straight 15mm Stelrad UIN Angle 15mm Heat Output (Watts) Heat Output (Btu/hr)


1000 33221010S 33221010A 33221015S 33221015A 933 3183


400 35220410S 35220410A 35220415S 35220415A 560 1911
500 35220510S 35220510A 35220515S 35220515A 701 2392
600 35220610S 35220610A 35220615S 35220615A 841 2869
700 35220710S 35220710A 35220715S 35220715A 981 3347
800 35220810S 35220810A 35220815S 35220815A 1121 3825
900 35220910S 35220910A 35220915S 35220915A 1261 4303
1000 35221010S 35221010A 35221015S 35221015A 1401 4780
1200 35221210S 35221210A 35221215S 35221215A 1681 5736
1400 35221410S 35221410A 35221415S 35221415A 1961 6691
1600 35221610S 35221610A 35221615S 35221615A 2242 7650
1800 35221810S 35221810A 35221815S 35221815A 2522 8605
2000 35222010S 35222010A 35222015S 35222015A 2802 9560


400 36220410S 36220410A 36220415S 36220415A 647 2208
500 36220510S 36220510A 36220515S 36220515A 809 2760
600 36220610S 36220610A 36220615S 36220615A 970 3310
700 36220710S 36220710A 36220715S 36220715A 1132 3862
800 36220810S 36220810A 36220815S 36220815A 1294 4415
900 36220910S 36220910A 36220915S 36220915A 1455 4964
1000 36221010S 36221010A 36221015S 36221015A 1617 5517
1100 36221110S 36221110A 36221115S 36221115A 1779 6070
1200 36221210S 36221210A 36221215S 36221215A 1940 6619
1400 36221410S 36221410A 36221415S 36221415S 2264 7725
1600 36221610S 36221610A 36221615S 36221615S 2587 8827
1800 36221810S 36221810A 36221815S 36221815A 2911 9932
2000 36222010S 36222010A 36222015S 36222015A 3234 11034
Product Details

The power we use in buildings accounts for 40% of global consumption, and that has a massive impact on the environment. But with smarter energy management, our buildings can emit up to 60% less CO2. That’s something the European Union are moving towards, by making energy consumption standards stricter.

At Stelrad, we believe the heating industry has a major role to play, by developing systems that work so efficiently, they produce more heat at lower temperatures. That’s why we’ve developed Stelrad Radical, the energy saving radiator.

By producing more radiant heat than traditional radiators, and saving energy while raising comfort levels at less cost to the user, and to the environment, we think it’s a ‘Radical’ step forward.

Every radiator comes wrapped in robust, practical packaging that will keep the product pristine, right through to handover. Protective through storage and transit, the new packaging design also allows for installation prior to removal.

Strictly controlled independent laboratory testing ensures that all Stelrad radiators are guaranteed to perform to a maximum working pressure of 116 psi (8 bar), and conform to BS EN 442, the European Standard for radiators.

You can follow the simple step by step instructions by using the following link to download the ‘How to bleed a radiator’ advice sheet or  click here to watch a short video on how to bleed a Stelrad radiator.

Product Colours

Stelrad radiators are available in white (RAL 9016) as standard.

The colours shown are reproduced as accurately as this process will allow and can be made to order on the identified products.

  • RAL 9016

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