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    A fast and easy way to dry your tea towels and any kitchen cloths is by using a kitchen towel rail. At Stelrad, we pride ourselves on offering some of the best tea towel rails and kitchen towel racks. Not only do we have popular radiators and towel rails but a range of kitchen towel rails too. Radiators aren’t always the best form of heating to go for in a kitchen, so browse our towel rails to see what you think. All our radiators have warranty included.


    Bored of using damp tea towels in the kitchen and having to use multiple clean towels at the same time? Keep things clean and simple with a kitchen radiator tea towel rail that can fit subtly into a corner or make a statement on your kitchen wall. Keeping your tea towels on a rail or rack means they are less likely to get dirty and you will need to wash them less. After washing up or cleaning the kitchen floor, your hands will welcome a warm towel, rather than a soggy one. Our range of kitchen towel rails come in different shapes, sizes, and colours.


    There are many reasons why you should go for a kitchen towel rack and primarily it will make your life easier. The little things go a long way. Installing a kitchen towel rail in your kitchen provides a stylish touch and will heat up your tea towel and oven mitts in no time. It will also act as storage for your kitchen towels. Instead of clogging up your kitchen draws, keep your favourite tea towels neatly on the towel rack. Kitchen towel racks are great for organisation as well a source of heat.


    When it comes to choosing a size for your towel rail, it will depend on how big your kitchen is and if you want the kitchen towel rail to provide some heat, as well as warm up your tea towels. Our vertical radiators and towel rails are the best-sellers for kitchens, but you can also find horizontal towel rails too. Going for a vertical option means you can fit many tea towels on to your kitchen towel rack and make the most of it.


    Can you leave a kitchen towel rail on all the time?

    Yes, they tea towel rails are designed to be left on all the time, as they don’t cause any safety threats. It will just be the cost of keeping them running you will need to consider. Most people keep them on during daytime hours when they are spending time in the kitchen. Your standard tea towel rail will be controlled by your houses central heating system and go on and off with it.

    How can I bleed a kitchen towel rail?

    The air can build up inside a towel radiator, like any other radiators and this might make it go cold. You will need to bleed your kitchen towel radiator if this happens, and you will often feel the top of the kitchen towel rail getting cold before the bottom. This will result in larger energy bills as the rail will have to work harder to heat up the room, so avoid unwanted extra costs by regularly bleeding your kitchen towel rack.

    How can I keep my chrome kitchen towel rail clean?

    If you end up going for a chrome towel rail, you will need to clean it regularly as marks are obvious on chrome materials, similar to stainless steel tower rails. Before any cleaning, you will need to get rid of dust, with a cloth or hoover. You can then use warm soapy water to wipe the tea towel rail clean. Once you have cleaned it, a new microfibre cloth will help to dry it off and shine it.

    How quickly will a kitchen towel rail dry tea towel?

    It depends how wet your tea towel is, but it shouldn’t take long to dry off on a towel rack. It will depend on the size of the towel rack you go for and the size of the tea towel too, but it will take under half an hour on some racks.