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    BIM Electric Radiators: Pride In Innovation

    As of 2016, it has been a legal requirement for all public government buildings, workspaces, and environments to comply with the new mandatory regulation of enforcing the application of collaborative 3D electronic models for all projects, spanning across a range of facilities.

    Stelrad stands at the forefront of industry leadership and therefore we have made it our priority to invest within several core ranges, designed in the format for BIM. Our aim has been to allow architects, radiator designers, contractors, and engineers to share these resources and become knowledgeable within this practice from the early stages of conception, to design and construction, and finally to practical operation and the eventual demolition process.

    We thrive to maintain our continual investment in transforming specification and product information into digital objects, as the rest of the market also begins to adopt the application of BIM within their facilities and products. BIM electric radiators from Stelrad are available in all of our ranges, including our Designer Series, Boutique Series and Softline Series. They range from BIM electric radiators for your bedroom, such as our Column Radiators, BIM electric radiators for your Living room, such as our Vertical Radiator options and radiators for your Bathroom, such as our flat line panel radiators and Towel Rail Radiators.

    A Forward-Thinking Future

    Our BIM electric radiators are also available in a vast array of colours, combining bright aesthetics with the peak of innovative technology, as well as being available in our Safety Series and Special Application Series. This allows you to purchase a BIM electric radiator for whatever needs you may have, whether your priority is safety for those who will be in close proximity to these radiators, or you want a BIM electric radiator that will stand the test of time, with waterproof, extra secure sealants, for areas such as shower rooms, changing rooms or anywhere where a humid environment is ever present.

    Specifying Stelrad is now a fluid process and has never been so easy. It’s as simple as selecting a product, dragging it into your own document and dropping it within. For an easy to follow demonstration, see our video which will guide you through the process of using BIM for your business. All users should be aware that at the time of download, BIM components are correct, but when you are specifying, please check the website again for any updated models.

    If any technical issues arise regarding BIM electric radiators, we advise you to contact our BIMStore hosts either via email at or by telephone by calling +44(0)844 800 6660. If you would prefer to download the BIMStore app, this is also an easy to use, accessible option for getting in touch. This is available on iTunes and you simply need to scan the Esprit page, which will allow you to see an augmented version of the radiator. It’s as simple as that.

    For more radiator related FAQs, please visit our website, or contact us here to speak with one of our radiator specialists.