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    Kitchens & Bathrooms Arc – 1800mm X 380mm Vertical Radiator The Arc - 1800mm X 380mm vertical towel radiator suitable for the kitchen or bathroom. Buy online or enquire with our sales team.
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    Kitchens & Bathrooms Arc – 1800mm X 440mm Grey Vertical Radiator The Arc - 1800mm X 440mm vertical towel radiator suitable for the kitchen or bathroom. Buy online or enquire with our sales team.
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Bend With Bliss

Modern art inspired Arc Radiators are a splash of simplicity for your modern home. Your style should reflect you, and we want to make that happen. Say goodbye to the old and hello to art-deco, with your new Arc-Deco.

The classic metallic grey offers a minimalistic mood to your home décor, with a timeless tone that can easily integrate into any home environment. Tube radiators like the Arc will help your kitchen combat boredom, your bathroom breathe beauty, or stand out and stand tall in any other room you may choose. We set the bar high, and once you get your hands on the bars of your new Arc Radiator, you’ll go from feeling a little blue to red hot with one of these warming new additions to your furniture family. The tubes curl gentle forward creating an extra layer of emotion to this three—dimensional delight.

Arc Radiators: The Choice Is Yours

Unsure of which model to choose? Not to worry, we make it simple at Stelrad. Easily figure out which Arc Radiator is the one for you, by using our Radiator Size Search Calculator. Simplifying the stressful situations for you is what Stelrad thrives in doing. Also check out our BTU Calculator to see which of these heat emitting effigies will conserve you the most energy, keeping you warm and happy, year in, year out.

Other fantastic Radiator options available, aside from the Arc Radiator include our Column radiators, Standard Radiators and a multitude of Stelrad Series radiators including the Boutique Series. All of our radiators are top of the range, from the UK market leader in the industry.

More questions? We have you covered. See our FAQs page for more queries regarding all radiator related topics. Also, contact us here, where one of our radiator experts will get back to you as speedily as they can.

Sadly, this product has been discontinued – We know, we’re as sad as you are! As we say goodbye to Arc Radiators, we will have limited stock available from 1st January 2020, so we’d suggest ordering yours as soon as possible. For our other fantastic Designer Radiator options. Browse our website and we’ll have your favourite Radiator shipped to your front door in no time at all.