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    Stelrad Esprit Radiators: The Lively Heating Option

    The bathroom rail radiator above all others. Conveniently sized and able to integrate into any bathroom, the Stelrad Esprit is one of a kind and will have you gleaming in the sheen. With heights ranging from 900mm – 1800mm and lengths of 450mm – 550mm, the varying ranges of size options allow you to incorporate this one-of-a-kind model into your home, regardless of your spatial necessities. For help deciding what size Stelrad Esprit Radiator to install within your home, check out our incredibly useful Radiator Size Search Calculator, to figure out what dimensions will do you justice.

    So, what is the Stelrad Esprit? Esprit, defined as “the quality of being lively, vivacious, or witty” perfectly encapsulates the energy of this accomplished Stelrad Radiator. Lively in terms of its energy output, available with wattages ranging from outputs of 316 – 1056 and 1079 – 3604 Btu/hr, the Stelrad Esprit lives up to its name in many respects, functionality being but one of them. Witty and vivacious are too appropriate definitions of this cleverly designed rail. This animated model, bubbling with energy is as smart as radiators can get, merging superior physicality with expert internal engineering, the Stelrad Esprit Radiator is one not to be missed.

    Stelrad Esprit Straight Towel Warmers are purpose built for the task at hand. Equipped with an additional hand towel rail, Stelrad Esprit Straight Towel Warmers are produced with you, our customers, in mind. We all know that feeling when you go to hang out your towel in a busy household and the drying rail is full to the brim. Say goodbye to your wetness woes with the Stelrad Esprit Straight Towel Warmer which comes fully prepared for the job, allowing you to hang your cloths to your hearts content. Stelrad Esprit Towel Rails are easily installed into any home and you don’t need to be a DIY advocate or a professional plumber to do so. Using our Stelrad Esprit Towel Rail Technical and Installation Guide, you can have your new Stelrad Esprit Straight Towel Warmer up and running in no time at all, keeping your bathroom toasty all year long.

    Vibrantly Forward Thinking

    We at Stelrad aren’t just forward thinking, we move the industry forward. That’s why many of our products, including our Stelrad Esprit Straight Towel Warmer is included in our BIM Radiator range, a technological innovation that allows you to see your radiator design as a virtual version before you buy it. Download the BIM Store App on iTunes and scan the Stelrad Esprit page and you can see an augmented version of the Stelrad Esprit Straight Towel Warmer for yourself.

    Many of our customers are conscious in regard to the efficiency value of their radiators. We understand this at Stelrad, which is why we provide a useful tool in the BTU Heat Loss Calculator, which allows you to figure out which model of radiator, be it the Stelrad Esprit Towel Rail or another one of our products, is the most efficient for you, based on numerous factors including the size of your room.

    Perhaps the Stelrad Esprit Straight Towel Warmer isn’t quite what you’re looking for. Not to worry, as well as the Stelrad Esprit, we have numerous other Radiator options available, browse our website for the full collection.

    If you have any other queries, check out our advice hub for more radiator FAQs. Alternatively, contact us here to speak with one of our radiator experts, who will get back to you as quickly as they can.