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    The Vertical Column Concept

    Softline Column Vertical Concept Radiators from Stelrad are the must have Column Radiator for your home. To say this heating appliance is a statement piece, is an understatement in itself. This exclusive model will scale your wall, enhance your décor, and have your guests in awe.

    Softline Column Vertical Concept Radiators are a Vertical Radiator with a 2 Column structure, emitting exceptional levels of heat into your home while acting as striking art piece within your room. With outputs ranging from 1116 – 1242 Watts, or 3809 – 4239 Btu/hr, you decide how powerful and energy efficient these victorious vertical appliances will be in your home. We know that the requirements of our individual customers differ, depending on your home environment. That is why we provide our very own BTU Heat Loss Calculator, helping you figure out the best model for you, depending on multiple factors relating to the size and qualities of your home.

    Only 2 options are available for the Softline Column Vertical Concept, making it one of the most exclusive and sought-after radiators available to buy in the UK. With a length of 444mm and height options of either 1800mm or 2000mm, these high-rising feats of refinement will stand tall within your room while emitting large levels of heat. Don’t be overwhelmed by this oversized appliance, the Softline Column Vertical Concept Radiator is exceptionally easy to install. Check out the Installation and Technical Guide to see just how easy it is to get one of these monumental marvels up and running in no time at all.  Additionally, see our very own Radiator Size Search Calculator, which assists in the decision making process when installing a new Softline Column Vertical Concept into your home.

    Painted To Perfection

    Coated in Stelrad’s RAL A7016 Anthracite Grey, the dark, subtle, stylish tone adds a sense of secure sophistication, acting as a solution to your heating and home décor problem, accentuating your current style with a contemporary vision. Like all radiators in our Softline Series, the Softline Column Vertical Concept Radiator is smooth edged, styled to perfection by the creative and engineering teams at Stelrad, built and designed with passion at the centre of what we do.

    These slender, minimalistic toned applications will improve any home, with a colour pallet that can either blend in or stand out from your current interior. Built to last, the Softline Column Vertical Concept Radiator comes with a 5 Year Warranty, lasting you for years to come, maintaining its presence as an art inspired, majestic heating appliance like no other.

    If this isn’t the right product for you, or you’re looking for something else entirely, browse our entire website and check out all other Radiator options available.

    We at Stelrad are always here to help and we value our customers feedback, opinions, and we are always happy to answer your questions. For more information on Softline Column Vertical Concept Radiators and all other radiator related topics, see our FAQs page where we hope your question will be answered. Alternatively, contact us here, where we will get back to you as quickly as we can.