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If you are conscious about your environmental impact, and want to lower your carbon footprint, check out our Fit For The Future range of high performing radiators, with a lower energy output, while warming your environment to an equally impressive level. If safety is your main concern, we also have a vast selection of LST heating systems, built with a highly insulative outer casing, meaning that the chance of burning when brushing past products from this range is impossible, making them great for nurseries, schools and any room where a child or vulnerable person spends their time.

Available for any room, our ranges such as our Bathroom Radiators are the best on the UK Market, with wide ranges of Vertical, Horizontal and our own selection of Towel Rails and Towel Rail Radiators to impress your guests beyond their expectations.

With the hottest ranges of products on the market, we proudly provide the finest in quality, fashionable, modern products ranges in the UK. We strive to continually please our UK customers and at Stelrad, customer satisfaction comes first. Whether it’s from our Boutique Series, Softline Series or Vita Series, we will have something for you. All of our ranges and accessories are produced to the highest quality and the most exceptional in design.

Ranges Reimagined

Traditional ranges of heating facilities are great and many of our longstanding models are made in traditional style, but we like to expand our horizons here at Stelrad. Our modern, designer ranges are excellent in their performance value, as well as looking so much better than traditional models. When choosing a new heating facility, you should really appreciate it as a decorative feature rather than simply a producer of heat.

Whatever the room, wherever the space may be, all of our ranges of products will make your heating aspirations a reality. With such a wide variety of options, shapes, and sizes, sometimes it can be difficult making your purchasing decision. Our Size Search Calculator will help you decide which of our products is perfect for you, so you can enjoy your new product straight away once it arrives. Additionally, use our BTU Calculator to help you decide which range is best for you, so you can conserve as much energy as possible.

If you have more queries regarding any of our products, visit our FAQs page, where we hope your question will be answered. Alternatively, speak to one of our team by contacting us here, and one of our specialists will get back to you as quickly as they can.

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