All of our products have been designed to high specifications to offer the best quality and performance.

Choose a reference below to request individual DoP information for each of our products.

If you require a DoP certificate, please email us quoting the relevant DoP reference number found in the table below.





Reference Number Product

  • DoP ISG2001 Elite
  • DoP ISG2002 Compact
  • DoP ISG2004 Savanna i
  • DoP ISG2005 STR (Stelrad Towel Rail)
  • DoP ISG2006 Savanna
  • DoP ISG2007 Softline
  • D0P ISG2008 Compact with Style
  • DoP ISG2009 Planar
  • DoP ISG2010 Concord Vertical
  • DoP ISG2011 Concord Plane
  • DoP ISG2012 Slimline Vertical
  • DoP ISG2013 Caliente
  • DoP ISG2014 Column
  • DoP ISG2015 Towel Rail
  • DoP ISG2016 Radical
  • DoP ISG2017 Vertex
  • DoP ISG2018 Planar Vertical

Reference Number Product

  • DoP ISG2019 LST i Plus
  • DoP ISG2020 LST Vertical
  • DoP ISG2021 LST Plus
  • DoP ISG2022 LST Standard
  • DoP ISG2023 Optia
  • DoP ISG2024 Esprit
  • DoP ISG2025 Excel
  • DoP ISG2026 Arc
  • DoP ISG2027 Wave
  • DoP ISG2028 Ellipse
  • DoP ISG2029 Altech
  • DoP ISG2030 Vita Value
  • DoP ISG2031 Vita Compact
  • DoP ISG2032 Vita Plan
  • DoP ISG2033 Vita Deco
  • DoP ISG2041 Horizontal Lo‐Line