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    Stelrad Softline Column Concept: Dark Delights

    Stelrad Softline Column Concept Radiators are a new exclusive heating appliance, produced under the utmost care in both internal heating engineering and exterior aesthetics. Available in the jaw dropping Anthracite Grey, this product is painted in one of the most popular modern radiator colour coatings, allowing your to instantly enhance your style, simply by installing one of these minimalistic beauties within your home.

    The dark colour of the Stelrad Softline Column Concept Radiator enables you with a whole plethora of options when making your stylistic decisions. Whether you want to accompany your already dulcet interior with another dark coloured decorative feature, or you are more of a fan of light, bright and loud colour schemes and you need something to detract and go against the grain. Luckily, this heating appliance can facilitate for both.

    This dark-toned heavenly heating facility is available as a 3 column or 4 column radiators, which differ slightly in size and power output. The Stelrad Softline Column Concept Radiator is one of the most powerful radiators for that reason, with columns held firmly together through a central pipe at the top and bottom. The exposure between each section of these columns help increase the size of the surface area that the Stelrad Softline Column Concept Radiator can heat. The column shaped hollow areas fill with fluid and heat up the column to allow for convection of heat throughout your room. The more columns a radiator has, the powerful it will be so our 4 column Stelrad Softline Column Concept Radiator has a deeper frame and will also give off greater outputs of heat than the 3 column option. For help deciding which of these models is best for you, check out our BTU Heat Loss Calculator, which will help in your purchase decision, based upon the efficiency of the radiator you decide to purchase.

    Conceptualising Your Perfect Product

    With 4 size options available, Stelrad Softline Column Concept Radiators give you the power of choice when making your purchase. Heights of this range remain static at 600mm, while lengths options of the Stelrad Softline Column Concept Radiator span from 628mm – 1272mm, meaning you don’t have to compromise when choosing your new radiator. If you need assistance in figuring out the right fit for you, see our Radiator Size Search Calculator to assess your potential options before ordering. For further help installing this fashionable new heating appliance, see the Installation and Technical Guide for the Stelrad Softline Column Concept Radiator, and you will have this new showstopping product set up in your home in no time at all.

    If this item isn’t quite right for you, check out our other Softline Series Radiators, or see our website to browse our entire range of Radiators. With the most comprehensive number of radiators available in the UK, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

    If you would like further assistance regarding the Stelrad Softline Column Concept Radiator, see our FAQ advice hub here, where we hope your question will be answered. Alternatively, contact us here, and we will get back to you as promptly as possible. We are always happy to help.