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    Stelrad Vita Compact radiator
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    Home Series Classic Compact K3 From: £140.09 Incl VAT Ideal for low energy heating systems, providing outstanding heat output from a smaller radiator footprint, that's the Stelrad Home Series Compact K3
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K3 radiators are the energy efficient home heating solution from Stelrad, allowing you to heat your home in a conservative manner. As well as their cost-effective capabilities, you can also enjoy a top of the range, stylish radiator from the UK’s number one manufacturer of heating appliances. Browse our range of K3 triple radiators today and find the perfect solution for your home, saving you money in the long term.

Efficient K3 Radiators For Your Home

K3 radiators, also known as triple radiators, are specifically designed for their exceptional capabilities in terms of efficiency. The term “K3” simply means that the heating appliance in questions has 3 radiator panels and 3 sets of convection fins, compared to other models such as K1 radiators and K2 radiators, which have the same number of panels and convections fins respective to their names. K3 triple panel radiators are panel radiators that are a low energy alternative to heating your home. Warming up with a triple panel radiators has a range of benefits, allowing you to use less energy, meaning that our triple panel radiators in the UK allow you to save money and also do your part for the environment, lowering your carbon footprint. Providing the very best triple panel radiators in the UK, we provide these triple radiators in three different ranges.

Triple Radiator Options

As the number one provider of triple panel triple convector radiators in the UK, we enable you with the power of choice when it comes to the options of K3 radiators available. Within all of the K3 triple radiator ranges, there are 17 size options available, with a 15 year maximum warranty, reinforcing the quality of our products and our promise that we provide the finest triple panel radiators in the UK, made to last. Coated in RAL 9016 Traffic White drip free paint, our energy efficient K3 radiators will heat your home, save you money and add a splash of style to the room of your choosing.

Two of the models we offer are the Compact K3 radiators. These stand at 600mm tall, while the widths range from 400mm – 1400mm. This means you can decide which of these K3 triple radiators are most suitable for you, which will depend upon the amount of free space available in your home.

The other triple radiators available is the Stelrad Planar K3 radiator, with heights ranging from 300mm – 700mm and lengths of 400 – 2400mm. Once more, this empowers you with the capability to decide upon whatever size fits appropriately into your environment.

With so many size options available, it sometimes feels somewhat difficult when deciding upon which model is right for you. Thankfully, we have a handy tool in the Radiator Size Search Calculator which will help you measure up your options when purchasing your new energy efficient heating appliance, in an automated way. This means you can purchase a K3 triple radiator, without having to worry about doing any of the more difficult work.

Why Choose K3 Triple Radiators?

K3 triple panel radiators in the UK from Stelrad are the perfect choice for the ethical customer who wants to install a fashionable heating appliance that has the potential to benefit them financially. K3 radiators are fitted with directional air vents, directing waterflow during venting. As they possess convectors that are welded securely onto the waterways, even greater levels of efficiency than ever before are attainable. Each of our triple radiators are manufactured to the highest specifications, manufactured with only the best quality nickel-plated plugs and vents.

As you are given the power of choice when it comes to triple panel radiators, you can choose between different K3 radiator models that have different heating capabilities. To find out what the best K3 radiator is best for your room of choosing, we have the perfect solution for you. For assistance when it comes to deciding which model of K3 radiator is best for you in this respect, please check out our useful BTU Heat Loss Calculator and find out which of our K3 radiators sits your individual requirements bet in terms of heat loss in your home. All of our triple radiator models come with technical and installation guides, which can be found within the description of each K3 radiator on our website. Additionally, to make things even easier for you, you can watch our installation video that applies for all of our triple panel radiators in the UK, so you can confidently install your brand new K3 radiator with ease.

Contact us today for K3 Radiators

All of our K3 radiator models are manufactured under ISO 9000 quality systems. Strictly controlled independent laboratory testing ensures that all Stelrad Planar K3 radiators are certain to perform to a maximum working pressure of 145 psi (10 bar) and conform to BS EN 442 – the European Standard for all radiators. When you order with us, you can expect your new K3 triple radiator to arrive at your front door within 48 hours, with free delivery on orders over £200.

For more information on K3 radiators and all other radiator models we have to offer, see our FAQs Page, where we hope your query will be answered sufficiently. If you would rather speak with one of our radiator experts, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

K3 Radiators FAQs

What is a K3 Radiator?

A K3 radiator is a radiator with three sets of panels and three sets of convection fins. this allows for additional heat from the radiator to be emitted, while only being a little larger than a K2 model. K3 radiators are great for low energy systems, with an exceptional heat output yet a small carbon footprint.

Are K3 Radiators Worth it?

K3 radiators are absolutely worth it! With its three panels and three convector fins, it allows for a larger emission of heat while using less energy. These are great for larger spaces, especially if you don’t want to get multiple radiators.