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    Home Series Flat Vertical From: £502.31 Incl VAT The Stelrad Home Series Flat Vertical is a popular vertical radiator that adds minimalist style to complement any room.
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Stelrad Flat Vertical Radiators – Space Saving Solution

Instantly enhance your home décor and make use of the vertical space with Stelrad Flat Vertical Radiators. This exclusive range of high-powered heating appliances is perfect for the modern homeowner with a strong sense of style. With a classic coating, the water-resistant, drip-free Traffic White paint on this model is not only exceptionally practical but also stands out in any room you choose to install it within. With a highly attractive vertical, flat panel design, you can choose to merge into your room’s aesthetic against a white wall or have it stand out with darker tones. With an unrivalled power output that Stelrad is known for, you can warm a room to exactly how you like it, whilst enhancing the style of your home.

Vertical Radiators are a welcome addition to any modern home, providing something different to the norm. Available in just three size options, Flat Vertical radiators can fit right into your room without looking too imposing or bulky. Available at a height of 1800mm, you can choose from length options of 400mm, 500mm, and 600m and take advantage of this design of K2 double panel radiators to work wonders wherever it’s installed. If you are wanting kitchen radiators that offer a different style all together, or utility room radiators that are sleek and practical, you can’t go wrong with Stelrad Flat Vertical radiators.

If you need help deciding if flat vertical radiators are suitable for your home, use our radiator size calculator and input your details. By entering the required height and length, you’ll effortlessly find the perfect model size for you, whether it be this model or another from our fantastic range. Additionally, our technical and installation guide, which you’ll find in our downloads section, includes easy to follow instructions along with an installation video. You can get this beautiful new appliance heating your home as soon as possible with our help.

The High Life Heater – Flat Vertical Radiators

As a K2 type radiator with two sets of radiator panels and two sets of convection fins, Stelrad Flat Vertical radiators have an excellent heat output. They are extremely efficient compared to some radiator models, with outputs ranging from 1476 – 2214 Watts, or 5036 – 7554 Btu/hr, meaning you can decide how powerful you want your attractive new home heating appliance to be, depending on your individual circumstances.

If you need to determine the best heat output for the room you require, using our BTU heat loss calculator allows you to enter details regarding your home type and size. This will let you figure out if Stelrad Flat Vertical radiators are right for your specific room. If you require something different, we have plenty to offer, and you can see a wide range of other radiator options online. This includes our Towel Rail RadiatorsColumn Radiators, and sleek Designer Radiators to name a few. If you have any questions, please do contact us and one of our radiator experts will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, please view our FAQs page, where you’ll find answers to many common questions about radiators.

Flat Vertical Radiators FAQs

Are Flat Vertical Radiators More Efficient Than Double Panel Radiators?

This will depend on your room requirements, as many factors can contribute to radiator heating efficiency. You’ll find that double panel radiators will provide double the heat of single panel designs, however, you may not require this for the room you have. For example, a small area such as a laundry room isn’t a main room like a living room or kitchen, so will not need a high-powered output to be efficient. We have plenty of Energy-Efficient Radiators to browse too, and by using our heat loss calculator, you can determine exactly what you need for each room.

Are These Available in Different Colours?

Currently, our Flat Vertical radiators are only available in RAL 9016 Traffic White, allowing you to complement many different interior designs. However, if you are looking for more vibrant colour options, be sure to browse our range of other vertical options in our Colour Radiators range.

How Can I Ensure I Buy the Right Size Flat Vertical Radiator?

Taking a few measurements before purchasing is helpful, then you can use our radiator size calculator to find the right options to choose from, entering the height and width you need. You’ll want to measure the wall space you have in a room including the height and width and work out how large an area you have to install a new radiator. If you are replacing an existing radiator and want a like for like size, you can simply measure the existing radiator. You’ll also want to measure the pipe centres and the distance between them and the wall too. Using our heat loss calculator will also determine which radiators are best for the type of room you have in terms of heating efficiency.