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    Home Series Classic Compact Vertical From: £252.56 Incl VAT The Stelrad Home Series Compact Vertical offers a smart, stylish look with excellent performance.
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The Compact Vertical Radiators by Stelrad are ideal for those who want a contemporary designed model with the benefits of a low energy heating system. Our Compact Vertical Radiators are available in a huge range of sizes and are painted in your favourite classic white to match most home interiors.

Stelrad Compact Vertical Radiators are available in K2 radiator types with outputs of between 1584-2376 watts meaning they are perfect for smaller living spaces. K2 models provide sufficient power and heating for your home as they have double the convectors and panels compared to a K1 radiator. Due to the double panels and convectors, K2 radiators generate a much greater level of heat and so are the perfect addition to rooms that are low on space but need extra heating.

If you need help deciding what size Stelrad Compact Vertical Radiator is most suitable for your household, we are here to assist. Use our Radiator Size Search Calculator to figure out which size model is most suitable for you. Additionally, if you are conscious of energy output, you can use our BTU Heat Loss Calculator to decide which of our models will be best for you.

If you have any queries regarding the Stelrad Compact Vertical Radiator range, any other radiator queries or want to know more, visit our FAQs page where we hope your question will be answered. Alternatively, speak to one of the teams at Stelrad by contacting us. We are always happy to help.


Compact Vertical Radiators offer a smart, stylish look with impeccable performance. Vertical radiators are always a great addition to your home as the tall, slim designs continue to increase in popularity. In recent years, there has been a surge in the demand for tall, sleek radiators and are currently one of the most popular styles on the UK heating market. They are a modern, fashionable feature that create a focal point in the room and offer more decorative capabilities by saving more wall and floor space.

Choose from our extensive range of Compact Vertical Radiators to find the perfect fit for your home. We have a huge selection available across our site to help you create space for additional furniture. Due to the size of the Stelrad Compact Vertical Radiators, they are ideal for making use of those small, narrow walls that otherwise would go to waste. Although small, the Stelrad Compact Vertical Radiators can provide the perfect statement and heat output for you.

At Stelrad, we understand the importance of longevity when it comes to purchasing your radiators. That’s why we offer up to 15 years warranty with each of our vertical radiators to help make the choice of investing that little bit easier. With a wide range of colours to choose from, and free delivery on orders over £200, create that warm living space that you desire simply and easily, today.


The beauty of choosing our Classic Radiators is that you’re getting a timeless, stylish piece for your home that acts as excellent conductors of heat. They will heat smaller rooms well due to their excellent levels of efficiency which keeps you warm throughout the winter months.

Many of our Stelrad Compact Vertical Radiators are available in a wide array of colours making them a perfect fit in any room of your house including the bathroom, bedroom and hallway. These stylish additions can complement any existing furnishings that you may currently have in your home. Choose from the huge range of styles or alternatively, check out our other ranges that may be more to your liking including our Towel Rail Radiators for your Kitchen or Bathroom, our extremely popular Column Radiators for a traditional or industrial aesthetic and many more.


Will Stelrad Compact Vertical Radiators be a Good Choice?

Yes! Vertical radiators are just as good as horizontal radiators and produce the same BTU heat. They are some of the most popular radiator styles on the market and come with brackets that are extremely strong and durable to ensure your radiator doesn’t topple over any time soon.

Can a Compact Vertical Radiator be Hung Horizontally?

Even though a vertical radiator can be hung horizontally, there are a few factors to bear in mind. Due to the direction of the airflow, the heat output may not be the same as when hung vertically. Also, one of the main benefits of Compact Vertical Radiator is to preserve space, so hanging it horizontally will remove this benefit entirely. To get the most out of your Compact Vertical Radiator, hang it vertically!