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    The Safe Solution

    The LST Standard Radiator from Stelrad is one of our low surface temperature models, ideal for those of you with safety concerns within your environment. The Stelrad LST Standard Radiator is available in 25 different size options, enabling you with the freedom of choice when making your purchase.

    Stelrad LST Standard Radiators have the benefit of being able to maintain a relatively low surface temperature, meaning they are much safer than many other radiator models that retain a hotter exterior when they are in use. The beauty of a LST Standard Radiator from Stelrad is that the risk of getting burnt is dramatically reduced when contact is made with them, compared to other models.

    The installation process for a Stelrad LST Standard is an extremely easy one to follow. Robust, resistant to damage and simplistic in their nature, this model of LST Radiator is ideal for those of you who are short for time. To see just how easy a Stelrad LST Standard Radiator is to install, see our LST Radiator Range specification brochure where the installation process for all LST models, including the Stelrad LST Standard, is explained.

    Another huge benefit associated with Stelrad LST Standard Radiators is the aspect of efficiency.  Remarkably simply to clean, both time and cost is reduced when owning a LST Standard Radiator from Stelrad, making them ideal for those of you on a busy schedule. The rate at which the Stelrad Standard LST Radiator heats up is also surprisingly quick. Able to reach their maximum temperature at a much faster rate than other risk reducing heating systems, such as underfloor heating, they do the job they were made to do in a quick and seamless manner.

    Stelrad LST Standard Radiators: Risk Reduction Radiators

    As the UK’s most comprehensive range of LST radiator, the Stelrad LST Standard Radiator is the number one consumer choice for safety, making them ideal for environments such as nurseries, schools, children’s playrooms and anywhere where a vulnerable or young person might be ever-present. All Stelrad LST Standard Radiators align with NHS guidance for ‘safe hot water and surface temperature’ and are finished with antibacterial paint for extra protection when contact is made with them. The LST Standard Radiator is suitable for homes, private and government work buildings and anywhere where a low surface temperature is ideal. Customer protection is our number one priority in the production of the Stelrad LST Standard, which is what makes them the safest radiators you can buy in the UK. The Stelrad Standard LST Radiator price will differ depending on its size. For help deciding on your perfect Stelrad LST Standard, use our Size Search Calculator  where you can find the best Stelrad Standard LST Radiator price, size, and specifications for you.

    The Stelrad LST Standard radiator is fitted with an insulative, flat panel casing on its exterior, allowing for piping flexibility, with the benefit of being reversible if you do so desire. Along with the benefits of accessibility and overall safety, we also know that the Stelrad LST Standard is made to last, which is why this product comes with a 5 year warranty on it’s casing, and a 10 year warranty on the emitter itself.

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