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    Home Series Vertical Line From: £46.62 Incl VAT The Stelrad Home Series Vertical Line adds a strong bold appeal to an already attractive designer radiator.
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Transforming the standard radiator, the Stelrad Vertical Line Radiators have a contemporary design and modern vertical format, making them the ideal radiators for style and space maximisation in both traditional and modern homes.

Available in 3 sizes and finished in timeless brilliant white, this designer radiator is a double panel radiator with a heat output ranging from 5036 to 7554 BTU/hr depending on size purchased.

Though horizontal radiators have been a regular fixture in British homes, interior design is recognising that radiators can be design features. This has resulted in a surge in popularity for the vertical radiator. With sleek lines which draw the eye up to the ceiling, Stelrad Vertical Line Radiators create a sense of height and space while making a strong, contemporary design statement.

As well as providing design centrepieces, the vertical design of the Vertical Line Radiators makes it a superb space-saving radiator too. When your wall space is at a premium, or furniture would block the heat of a standard radiator, the Vertical Line Radiators are the solution.

Available in 3 sizes, this slimline radiator features vertical lines which will add wow-factor to any wall. Use our Radiator Size Calculator to enter the dimensions of your wall space and see suggested radiators for your room.


The Stelrad Vertical Line Radiator is a designer radiator with a brilliant white finish. With their fresh, clean aesthetic, white radiators are perfect contemporary and classic home design. From cottage core to minimalist, this unique radiator is right at home in any interior.

However, if you have a period property or prefer the opulent hues of grand millennial design, we also offer Vertical Line Radiators in anthracite grey. Take a look at the Stelrad Vertical Line Concept in anthracite grey radiator with the same superior design but in this year’s most on-trend colour.


As a Type 22 double radiator, the Stelrad Vertical Line Radiator provides the high output performance of a convector radiator all within its contemporary style. This is a high BTU radiator which, depending on the size you choose, produces a mighty 5036 to 7554 BTU/h despite its sleek build and flat panel appearance. To assess which size will meet the BTU requirement of your room, use our BTU Heat Loss Calculator. This calculator will evaluate your room’s size, construction, and glazing to provide you with your room’s BTU requirement.

To support is quality construction and advanced performance, this premium radiator comes with a 5-year warranty. You wouldn’t expect any less from Stelrad.

As a wall mounted radiator, the Stelrad Vertical Line Radiator is provided with wall brackets for installation.


As the UK’s leading radiator specialist, founded in 1936 and offering widest range of radiators, Stelrad are proud to provide premium radiators and superb customer service. While buying a radiator online may be daunting, we hope that our industry expertise and decades of experience will give you the confidence to buy a Vertical Line Radiator from us.

If you have any questions about radiators, the buying process, or your purchase, we have a dedicated team here to support you. You can visit our Advice Hub or use our on-page Live Chat feature. We are here to help.

Vertical Line Radiators FAQs

Why Invest in a Vertical Line Radiator Over a Horizontal Radiator?

Investing in a vertical radiator for your home might be the best decision you will ever make interior wise, as it will not only save you floor space, but also act as a wall statement. Depending on the Stelrad vertical line radiator you go for, we have a range of different materials and colours, that would suit most rooms in your home. Vertical line radiators work in bathrooms as well as bedrooms and can change the room of the room.

Is it Easy to Clean a Vertical Line Radiator?

Yes, you won’t have any problems cleaning your vertical line radiator, just make sure you hoover off any dust before using a soft cloth or sponge with warm soapy water to wipe it over. For more information on cleaning your radiator, see our cleaning radiator guide.

How do you Know a Vertical Line Radiator Needs Bleeding?

It will be obvious when vertical line radiators need bleeding as they will likely go cold at the top. You will need to keep all the radiators in your home maintained to ensure they are working as well as possible. Bleeding a radiator will release any unwanted air from the water to make sure you aren’t getting over charged on energy bills and that your radiator is heating up properly.