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    Colour: Various Sizes
    Home Series Concord Slimline From: £318.39 Incl VAT The Stelrad Home Series Concord Slimline radiator is fashionable with slim vertical flat panel tubing to maximise the space in your room.
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    Colour: +35 Various Sizes
    Home Series Concord Slimline Coloured From: £392.96 Incl VAT The slim and stylish tubed design of the Stelrad Home Series Concord Slimline Coloured is available in over 30 colours.
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    Colour: Various Sizes
    Home Series Concord Slimline Concept From: £440.22 Incl VAT The Stelrad Home Series Concord Slimline Concept radiator in Anthracite Grey makes a statement and maximises space in your room, without compromising on output.
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Slim Radiators: Sleek Style for Your Home

With the UK’s largest choice of radiators, you have come to the right place to find the best slimline radiator for your home.

Whether you want a sleek, slim radiator for your modern home design or need a slimline radiator for a room where space is at a premium, we have a stylish, space-saving radiator to suit. From tall slim radiators to slim bathroom radiators, our range has a staggering choice of sizes and colours for you to explore today.

If your modern décor showcases contemporary lines and minimalist design, a slim radiator is the perfect choice for you. With radiators rapidly taking their place as design features of the house, a slimline radiator will be right at home.

For a standard radiator with a more slimline design, you will love our Softline Plan Range. With both single panel and double panel, options, this slim horizontal radiator has a flat façade and narrow profile for a sleek, space-saving radiator.

When it comes to modern slimline radiators you are spoilt for choice. The impressive Planar Horizontal Radiators also feature a flat panel and, not only do they have a superb minimalist design, but they come in nearly 40 colours so, no matter your home design, there is a slim modern radiator for you.

Tall Slim Radiators: For Home Design on the Up

Vertical radiators are continuing to transform interior design, both as stand out features and to maximise space where even a slim horizontal radiator cannot. For a striking slim vertical radiator, try our Vertical Ultra. This most contemporary of tall slim radiators has a smooth flat build and comes in an array of colours. If a more tubular design takes your fancy, the Concord Slimline Coloured is reminiscent of traditional column radiators and will be a hot favourite for you.

Other tall slim radiators include the Concord Chrome Vertical slimline radiator which boasts brilliant shine and is ideal for your kitchen, and the Caliente Rail Radiator which is available in a staggering 32 sizes and 36 colours so you can find your perfect slimline vertical radiator.

Slim Bathroom Radiators: Small in Size, Big in Style

As often the smallest room in the house, it makes sense to utilise space efficiently with a slimline bathroom radiator. We stock a wide range of bathroom radiators, but the K1 model of the Softline Deco is a particularly stylish slim bathroom radiator which features handsome horizontal lines and a shallow profile.

Our range of towel rails also includes slim radiator options that will not only heat your bathroom but warm your towels. Flatter designs like the brushed steel, slim Como Radiator and the modern Concord Side Chrome are both practical, high quality ranges a slim bathroom radiator that enhances your bathroom design.

For a slimline electric radiator, simply add our Electric Heating Element to one of our Slimline Towel Rails. The beauty of adding electric to the slim radiator is that it becomes dual fuel, saving energy and reducing heating bills.

Slimline Double Radiators: Twice the Benefits

Double Radiators, with two rows of convector fins, can take up more room and, because they are so effective at producing heat, you might think you have to sacrifice space to get the benefit you want. However, we do offer slimline double radiators which maximise heat while minimising size as much as possible. The Softline Silhouette range combines streamlined aesthetics with innovative engineering to offer you a slimline double radiator that is both sleek and powerful.


Does a Slim Radiator Produce Less Heat?

When it comes to radiators a bigger radiator does not mean more heat. The important measurement to focus on is a radiator’s BTU. BTU (British Thermal Units) is the measurement of the heat a radiator produces.

Use our BTU Heat Calculator which will assess the size of your room, the wall construction, and the window space to determine how much BTU your room requires for satisfactory heating. Once you know the BTU you need, you can ensure that the slim radiator you choose has the correct BTU output for your room and heating requirements.


If you have any other questions about slimline radiators, or any of our other radiators, contact our expert team, use our Live Chat feature on this page, or visit our Advice Hub. We are always happy to help.