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    Home Series Concord Side Chrome From: £281.98 Incl VAT The Stelrad Home Series Concord Side Chrome oozes functionality and style with its stunning stainless steel finish. Gone are the days when towel rails were merely a heating device, they are now a design element too.
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Step Aside For Concord Side Chrome

Concord Side Chrome Radiators from Stelrad are the art deco inspired heating appliance that will transform your bathroom or kitchen from dull and simple to modern and stylish, exploding with life with its metallic sheen finish. This chrome coated radiator surely is something to not miss out on.

The Concord Side Chrome Radiator range is modern innovation at its finest. This straight radiator has a certain edge against all others. Tubed on only one side, this new age delight allows for a free-thinking design with a glamorous exterior and high performing capabilities.

Although the minimum steel thickness is 1.11mm for all radiators, as specified in the BS EN 442 standard, the thickness of the Concord Range is 1.5mm. Even though the materials of which they are made are thicker than standard, the heat output is just as exceptional, with outputs of 233 – 469 Watts and 795 – 1600 Btu/hr, meaning this range of fashionable heating appliance really does bring the heat to your home. Using our BTU Heat Loss Calculator, you can decide which model is most efficient for you and your home, which is dependent upon the size of the room you wish to install your Concord Chrome Radiator, amongst an array of other factors.

There are 4 different size options available within this range. Since the Concord Side Chrome Radiator has an open-ended design, the lengths of this model remain static at 500mm, meaning that whatever the height, the trademark Side Chrome style maintains throughout all size options. You do, however, have the ability to choose from heights ranging between 830mm – 1730mm, which allows you to decide if you want a taller or shorter Stelrad Side Chrome Radiator entering into your home. We offer an extremely useful tool in helping you decide which Concord Side Chrome is right for you. Check out our Radiator Size Search Calculator to measure up your options and figure out which size of Concord Side Chrome Radiator is the best possible option for you. We also offer a Technical and Installation Guide for the Concord Side Chrome Radiator, entailing all information about the radiator itself, as well as easy to follow installation instructions.

Concord Side Chrome: The Stylish Side

Stelrad offer a wide range of accessories for all of our various radiator ranges. With the Concord Side Chrome, the available parts consist of wall brackets, a wall mount kit and open foot covers, all offered within our website as radiator add-ons. Equipped with a Manufacturer’s Warranty of 5 years, we assure you that this art inspired appliance will stand the test of time. Even when positioned in an environment that consistently draws humidity, such as a bathroom, we assure you that this model will reliably do the job it was intended to do, all while looking as good as it does.

If this model of radiator isn’t quite for you, Stelrad offers a wide range of Radiators throughout our website. Browse our extensive range of Radiators, and we promise there will be something for everyone, every room, and every tailor specific requirement.

If you have more questions regarding the Concord Side Chrome Radiator, or more radiator queries in general, check out our advice hub for more radiator FAQs. Alternatively, contact us here to speak with one of our radiator experts, who will get back to you as quickly as they can. We are always happy to help.