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    Colour: Various Sizes
    Home Series Concord Plane From: £143.71 Incl VAT The Stelrad Home Series Concord Plane offers a contemporary, modern way to heat your room.
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    Colour: +34 Various Sizes
    Home Series Concord Plane Coloured From: £236.48 Incl VAT Available in an abundant of colour options the Stelrad Home Series Concord Plane Coloured gives you the ability to amplify your home with whatever colour pallet you choose.
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The Best Concord Plane Radiators – Plain & Simple

If you’re looking for heating solutions that keep your home warm while also enhancing whichever room’s style, then the Stelrad Concord Plane radiators range is for you. These talented tube radiators perfectly harmonise style and practicality, acting as much more than a primary heating facility. It radiates with the highest possible heat output, but it’s also an astonishingly versatile art piece that will draw the eyes of all who enter your home.

Colourful Stelrad Concord Plane Radiators

With an abundant choice of over thirty colours, you can amplify your accommodation with whatever scheme of colour you do so choose. Suppose you’re a minimalist décor devotee who would relish in owning one of our pallet or muted monochromatic tones. In that case, we can supply a range of black, grey, and white colour variations that will amplify your aesthetic. On the other hand, perhaps a loud burst of vibrant colour is more suited to you.

Choose coloured radiators that nod to your personality and unique style, from our rosy colour options such as Wine, Ruby and Flame Red, or our Aqua inspired pallet choices such as Pastel, Gentian and Ultramarine Blue. We will have the colour option to suit your style and home interiors.

Stelrad Concord Plane Radiators Heating Efficiency

Available in a range of 102 sizes, it doesn’t matter the shape, size, or dimensions of your environment; you can get a perfectly fitted Stelrad Concord Plane radiators to ensure the best heating efficiency for your home.

You can choose the Stelrad Concord Plane radiators as either a single panel or double panel radiators, giving you the option of how powerful you would like your new Stelrad Concord Plane radiators to be. Depending on the size of your environment, you will need to consider whether a Stelrad Concord Plane Double Radiator or a Concord Plane radiators with a single set of tubes is the ideal model for you.

Stelrad Concord Plane Double Radiators are certainly the most efficient for moderate to large rooms. To assist with your decision-making process, check out our easy-to-use BTU Heat Loss Calculator, and find out which size Concord Plane radiators is suitable for you and the space in question. Enter your measurements into this cleverly designed tool, and you’ll have your new Stelrad Concord Plane radiators up and running in near to no time at all.

Buy & Install Concord Plane Radiators

For further assistance in installing your new Stelrad Concord Plane radiators, see our Specification and Technical Guide for this model, which includes all information regarding the internal workings of the Concord Plane radiators and installation instructions. There is also a range of radiator Accessories available for the Stelrad Concord Plane radiators, such as wall brackets, a wall mount kit and open foot covers. If this model isn’t quite for you, see our website and browse all Radiator options available.

We at Stelrad are always happy to help. See our advice hub for more radiator FAQs, or contact us here to speak with one of our radiator specialists, who will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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Stelrad Concord Plane Radiators FAQs

What is the Standard Warranty for Concord Plane Radiators?

The Stelrad Concord Plane radiators is a horizontal model that may be laid back in structure but can certainly stand up to the test of time when it comes to longevity. That’s why the Stelrad Concord Plane radiators comes with a 5-10-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty, as we know it is built to last.

What is BTU & How Important is This?

Calculating the BTU output required is vital before purchasing Concord Plane radiators. BTU stands for British Thermal Unit, which is an energy unit used to measure a radiator’s output to heat a room. This is essential to calculate before buying radiators as it will help you to determine if the radiator you are choosing will heat your space to a high standard. Different room dimensions and features will impact the BTU output. You can use our heat loss calculator to help with working this out.