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    softline top grille
    Accessories Softline top grille From: £21.74 Incl VAT


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    Standard Stelrad european compact top grille
    Accessories Standard Stelrad top grille From: £21.74 Incl VAT The standard Stelrad side panels can be purchased for the following products:
    • Vita Compact
    • Vita Silhouette
    • Vita Deco
    • Vita Plan
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Top Of The Range Top Grilles

Stelrad Radiator Top Grilles are available for all grilled appliances, whether it’s a Flat Top Grille or a Curved Top Grille from Stelrad. Softline Stelrad Radiator Top Grilles come in lengths between 400mm – 2000mm and are available as various types including K1, K2 and P+, depending on the number of convectors and side panels on your appliance. Our Standard Stelrad Radiator Top Grilles are also available in lengths between 400mm – 2000m, but as well as being available in types K1, K2, and P+, just like the Softline, they are also available for K3 models, for those of you who are in ownership of an especially energy efficient heating facility.

We also provide additional Stelrad Radiator Top Grille End Clips, which will enable you to reattach your Stelrad Radiator Top Grille if you have an issue with the current clip, or just want to purchase a spare one. Whether it is an additional part such as Stelrad Radiator Top Grilles and side panels for one of our Softline Series or Standard Series, or you’re looking for something from our Designer Series or Vita Series – we will have the additional Stelrad product for you.

When it comes appliance maintenance, removing and reinstalling your Stelrad Radiator Top Grille is a very easy to follow process. To clean the inside of your appliance, throw on a pair of gloves and slide the grilles down to the bottom, before sliding your Stelrad Radiator Top Grille off from one side. Don’t worry if the C-Clips break during this process, we are happy to provide you with additional ones if this is to happen. To help you install your new Stelrad Radiator Top Grille, see our guide on how to remove Stelrad Radiator Grilles and Panels, which will assist in getting your Stelrad product clean, without the fuss.

On Guard: Stelrad Radiator Top Grilles

Browse our vast range of other Accessories, such as bracket clips, cover clips and side panel clips, where you can find additional add-ons for your product to match up with you Stelrad Radiator Top Grille. Your appliance and Accessories, such as your Stelrad Radiator Top Grille, will naturally age with time, which is why we provide such a vast range of additional products for maintenance. Even so, we at Stelrad know that all of our products, including accessories such as Stelrad Radiator Top Grilles, are built to last. That’s why we provide a 2 Year Warranty for Stelrad Radiator Top Grilles. Even though the Top Grille is the area that is most exposed to dirt and dust, they are well capable of standing the test of time and maintaining your radiator’s health. Looking for another Stelrad product? check out our entire range of Radiators within our website. These are inclusive of our Vertical, Column, Designer, Towel Rails, Bathroom Radiators and much more.

We are always here to help, and your feedback is of great value to us. For any queries regarding Stelrad Radiator Top Grilles, all accessories, and all other related topics contact us here today. For more information and for all FAQs, view our advice hub.