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    Home Series Column Horizontal Coloured From: £415.62 Incl VAT Stelrad Home Series Column Horizontal Coloured has colour options to harmonise with the boldest or most neutral of decors.
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Stylish Coloured Column Radiators To Keep You Warm 

Classic coloured column radiators from Stelrad are perfect for any size and style of home. This range presents you with a traditional yet stylish look for your living room or bathroom, it can provide a warming addition to your bedroom and enhance your décor. Our classic coloured column radiators in the UK will give you a chance to try something new, whichever room you decide to install them in, Stelrad’s coloured column radiators in the UK offer style and finesse while maintaining a somewhat traditional, classic look for your home.

Brighten Up Any Room with Our Coloured Column Radiators

If you want to make a statement in the rooms in your home, a coloured column radiator could be exactly what you are looking for. There are now many options to focus on aesthetics as well as heat output when considering the right radiator for your home. Our coloured radiators are available in over 30 different colours meaning you won’t be stuck for choice! Depending on your existing decor and the mood you want to create in each room, we have warm colours like orange and yellow to help make living areas cosier or darker colours for an elegant radiator style. Add a splash of colour or keep it neutral with our classic column options.

Choose The Best Coloured Column Radiator For Your Home

When deciding on the best classic coloured column radiators in the UK for your home, you will need to consider the type of radiator. You have three options in this radiator style, including 2 column radiators, 3 column radiators and 4 column radiators. The more columns the classic radiator has, the more surface area the radiator will have, consequently the higher the heat output. Coloured column radiators are known for being efficient as the columns spread the heat around the surrounding areas and will have large to medium size rooms toasty in a matter of minutes. If you want to maximise heat output you should consider the material as well as the number of columns, we have cast iron column radiators that are extremely efficient when it comes to heat output.

Horizontal Orientation: Classic Column Radiators

Our classic coloured column radiators are available in a horizontal orientation, ideal for fitting in space under windows or tucking behind sofas in living rooms. Whether you are looking for a radiator or a few new radiators, we have you covered with our selection of classic coloured column radiators in the UK. If you would like to pair up your vertical radiators with vertical column radiators in particular rooms, we have a range of colours and types you can browse.

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Stelrad Classic Coloured Column Radiators FAQs

Why Are Coloured Column Radiators a Popular Option for Stelrad Customers?

Many of our customers are drawn to radiators in bright colours as they want to create a quirky home and use their radiators for decor purposes, as well as a source of heating. You can choose a few different coloured column radiators for your home, or stick to the same colour in every room, depending on your style and the layout of your home.

Are Coloured Column Radiators Suitable in Homes with Children?

There are plenty of options that you can consider for your home with children in mind. Coloured column radiators offer an eclectic colour palette to keep your children stimulated and even impact their mood. Some homes prefer flat front panel radiators or LST radiators for additional safety depending on the age of their children.

How Do You Effectively Clean Coloured Column Radiators?

Like any radiator, you will need to keep your classic coloured column radiators as clean as possible and not let any dust build-up on the radiator. Naturally, your radiator will attract dust and you can rid of this with a hoover, then clean the radiator with warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Always use a cloth that is soft to avoid scratching or marking your radiator.

How Regularly Should You Bleed a Coloured Column Radiator?

Advice from heating experts states you should bleed your radiator at least once a year, but if you find your radiator heating up slowly or not heating up fully, you should bleed it. Letting out any trapped air will ensure the radiator is working as well as possible and you should be aware that your energy bills will increase if the radiators in your home as having to work harder to heat up.