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    Home Series Ultra From: £286.23 Incl VAT The bespoke Stelrad Home Series Ultra is a modern designer radiator with optional towel rails, making it perfectly suitable to bathrooms and kitchens. Available in over 30 made to order colour options, it can be tailored to work in any space.
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Stelrad Ultra Radiators are some of the sleekest radiators we stock, a model that many have been waiting for. This stylish new addition to your home will add a flash of colour, enhance your home decor, and keep your bathroom warm, all year round. Like our towel rail radiators, these horizontal models come equipped with an optional towel rail, so you can keep your towel as toasty as you like when you hop out of the shower. Not only does it radiate with the highest possible output of heat but is also an astonishingly adaptable art piece that will draw the eyes of all who visit your home.

Available in a huge range of colour options, the Stelrad Ultra radiators can blend in with or stand out from any home environment, depending on your own home interior style and personal preference. 36 colour options are available in total, including darker shades like Cappuccino and cooler pastel shades like Golden Yellow, Pastel Orange, or the Stelrad classic, Traffic White. All our Ultra radiators are painted in water-resistant, drip-free paint, the Stelrad Ultra Radiator range is made to last, boosting your home decor while boosting up the heat at the same time.

A wide variety of size options are also available for the Stelrad Ultra Radiator, with 18 options in total. Heights range from 500mm – 600mm while lengths of this range span from 400mm to 2000 mm, meaning you can choose the perfect model of Stelrad Ultra for your home, regardless of the space you have available in your bathroom. Using our Radiator Size Search Calculator, can help you decide which size is ideal for your home and make sure the radiator fits in a specific space. Simply enter your measurements into this cleverly designed tool and you’ll have your new Stelrad Ultra Radiator up and running in near to no time at all. For further assistance in making your purchase decision, check out our installation video, which shows you a visual demonstration of how to get one of these exceptional models up and running in no time at all.


We at Stelrad believe that you don’t have to choose between an attractive radiator and a model that performs to the highest of specifications. The Stelrad Ultra can heat your bathroom or kitchen to exceptional levels, with outputs of 410 – 3203 Watts, or 1398 – 10928 Btu/hr, allowing you to choose how powerful and energy-efficient this stylish model will be for you. We make things easier here at Stelrad. To assist with your decision-making process, check out our easy to use BTU Heat Loss Calculator, and find out which model of Stelrad Ultra is best for you, depending on your home type and size, along with an array of other dependent factors. Shopping online can sometimes prove difficult, due to the inability to see the product for yourself. Check out our Technical and Installation Guide for the Stelrad Ultra, to get a closer look at the model and see which size and specification suit your home best.

There are also Accessories available in the Stelrad Ultra collection, such as towel rails that you can fit to enhance the appearance and functionality of this model. If this model isn’t quite for you, see our website and browse all Radiator options available.

We at Stelrad are always happy to help. See our advice hub for more radiator FAQs or alternatively, contact us here to speak with one of our radiator specialists, who will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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What Are the Benefits of a Towel Rail?

If you decide to go for a towel rail for your bathroom, you can use this instead of or as well as a bathroom radiator. Towel rails have many benefits for families, couples or individuals that want to introduce some extra luxury into their lives. Towel rails will have your towels ready and waiting to give you some warmth after a bath or shower. Adding some self-care to your routine will help you wind down after long days in the office or after exercising. Our Ultra radiators have a fitted towel rail, so they are not only standard radiators.

Can You Use Towel Rails in the Kitchen?

Our range of kitchen radiators includes tea towel rails that will dry off used tea towels and keep your kitchen heated up in the colder months of the year. Ultra radiators are designed especially for bathrooms, and we love the range of colours available.

Will Stelrad Ultra Radiators Fit Under Windows?

Yes, Stelrad Ultra radiators can fit under windows, make sure you accurately measure the area you’d like to fit the ultra radiator as we have a range of sizes available.