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    Home Series Column Vertical From: £268.08 Incl VAT The Stelrad Home Series Column Vertical provides a real style statement. Ideal for use in modern minimalist rooms or where wall space is restricted.
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    Home Series Column Vertical Coloured From: £526.53 Incl VAT Offering a chic solution that can accentuate the use of traditional materials and enhance a contemporary or period appearance, the Stelrad Home Series Column Vertical Coloured is the perfect choice.
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Stelrad Column Vertical Radiators combine the much loved period property style with a striking design statement that gives your home an undeniable wow factor. The modern tall, slim design of the traditional column radiator makes for the perfect radiator for most homes and won’t look out of place in a chic, modern home just as it wouldn’t look out of place in an industrial or period aesthetic.

Available in 6 sizes and finished in classic white, this 2-column radiator provides an impressive 2962 to 5253 BTU/hr depending on the size. This means the Stelrad Column Vertical Radiators are perfect for most sized rooms!

Period property favourite, the column radiator, has been a key feature in Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian homes for centuries due to its stylish design and incredibly efficient heating capabilities. With the increase in traditional style interiors, such as cottage core and grand millennial, their popularity has widened even further as radiators are used not just for function, but for style statements too.

Another huge trend in radiators is the vertical radiator. Long, lean lines and their space-saving design have made this designer radiator the most popular style of the decade. For smaller rooms with limited horizontal wall space, the Column Vertical Radiator is the ideal choice to preserve space whilst effectively heating your room.

Stelrad Column Vertical Radiators combine the best of both worlds to create a radiator that is equally at home in a period property with a modern twist or a contemporary home with an appreciation for classic design.

Available in 6 sizes, including 3 heights and 2 widths, this space-saving radiator is easy to fit into any room layout. If you need help selecting the size of your radiator, use our Radiator Size Calculator. Simply enter the measurements of your available wall space for a list of suitable radiators for your room.

You can also coordinate it with our Column Horizontal Radiators for a coherent, impressive interior design scheme.


Timeless white finishes as a choice for your new Column Vertical Radiator make them a natural companion to white woodwork, coving and doors. As white radiators, they are perfect as clean, minimalist choices in bathrooms, utility rooms and kitchens.

Darker tones such as emerald green, deep purple and black are featured in many period properties as well as modern homes with classic twists. In these classic interiors, an anthracite radiator is a perfect addition to keep the traditional aesthetic. Anthracite is the decade’s hottest colour, so you will appreciate our Column Vertical Concept Range that boasts a superb design.


When choosing a radiator, it is vital that you understand the BTU requirements of the room where the radiator will be located. Use our BTU Heat Loss Calculator to input your room’s size, construction, glazing, and other factors. It will then provide you with an estimated BTU requirement. You should use this figure when assessing which radiator is best for your room.

The Stelrad Column Vertical Radiator produces 2962 to 5253 BTU/hr. As a 2-column radiator, it is also more of a slimline radiator than its 3 and 4-column counterparts. Use the BTU and your available space to determine which is best for you.

This premium radiator comes with a 5-year warranty to support its quality build and performance. You would not expect any less from Stelrad.


Because buying a radiator online is a big decision, we have a dedicated team to help answer your questions and support you through the purchasing process. Use our on-page Live Chat feature or visit our Advice Hub.

We are proud to offer the UK’s best made radiators. We’ve been making and selling radiators since 1936, so you can rest assured that we are experts when it comes to helping our customers find the best radiator. When you buy your Column Vertical Radiator from us, you can buy with confidence.

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What Are the Benefits of Stelrad Column Vertical Radiators?

Column Vertical Radiators are an attractive addition to your home. By adding vertical radiators, you add a stylish feature with the added traditional twist of columns that updates your room. Column radiators are perfect for providing efficient heating. When combined, Stelrad Column Vertical Radiators provide the ideal heating solution for most homes.

Column Vertical Radiators also provide the best space-saving option for homes with narrow walls and limited horizontal wall space so that you can continue to place your furniture without worrying about losing any heat output.

Are Stelrad Column Vertical Radiators Better than Panel Radiators?

Yes! Our Column Vertical Radiators are an efficient way of heating your home. Although panel radiators are a popular choice in most households, the larger surface area of column radiators means they have superior heating capabilities and emit significantly larger levels of heat. This means they are ideal for larger, less insulated homes.