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    Colour: Various Sizes
    Home Series Classic Compact Xtra Protection From: £121.24 Incl VAT The Stelrad Home Series Compact Xtra Protection radiator is perfect for bathrooms, showers or wet rooms with its rust resistant coating.
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    Colour: Various Sizes
    Home Series LST i Plus Horizontal Line From: £284.26 Incl VAT The Stelrad Home Series LST i Plus Horizontal Line is a safety must have. Offering high heat output but safe to touch, with an aesthetically pleasing lined front.
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    Colour: Various Sizes
    Home Series LST Standard Horizontal Line From: £207.39 Incl VAT The Stelrad Home Series LST Standard Horizontal Line radiators are the Low Surface Temperature heating option for your home.
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LST School Radiators

Safety is one of the most important elements to consider within a school, for staff and pupils alike. School Radiators must have specific specifications in order to assure this, which is why Stelrad provides some of the safest, heat containing, lower surface temperature School Radiators. As well as protecting the people within the environment, School Radiators must also have the ability to withstand damage from knocks, bumps, and the occasional accident.
See our full range of School Radiators and find the perfect heating appliance to match your safety and security requirements.

LST, or Low Surface Temperature school radiators from Stelrad are essential for a safe environment. These School Radiators are ideal for environments such as nurseries and schools, as well as children’s playrooms and anywhere where a vulnerable young person might reside. All Stelrad LST School Radiators align with NHS guidance for ‘safe hot water and surface temperature’ and are finished with antibacterial paint for extra protection when contact is made with them.

The LST Standard and LST Standard Deco School Radiators are the most popular with our customers, maintaining a comparably low surface temperature. For additional safety, the LST I Plus Extra Protection allows for additional protection, with adjustable room temperatures between the incredibly low range of 5 – 26 Degrees Celsius. Our assortment of Low Surface Temperature School Radiators are extremely adaptable as we even offer an upright option. The LST Plus Vertical is a School Radiator that can fit easily into the corner of a room, out of the way whilst simultaneously conserving on space. Buy radiators for schools online today.

Our School Radiators all come equipped with a hardware pack, making it simple to disassemble and reassemble if you do so require. This includes:

  • Brackets – 2 x L Shaped brackets
  • Arthritic Adaptor
  • Blanking Piece
  • Screws
  • The Nuts to suit
  • 2 x Olives
  • Allan Key


See our full range of low temperature School Radiators and find the best option for you. As a radiator that is much safer than many other radiator models, it consistently retains a cooler exterior when in use, while emitting enough heat through the classroom to keep everyone within warm, all year round. Reduce the risk of anyone getting burnt, and enter any classroom, without the added pressure.

Heavy Duty School Radiators

Heavy Duty School Radiators are built for the challenge. It’s inevitable that there will be accidents from time to time, and our heavy duty, water resistant School Radiators can withstand the elements, whether its physical impact, wear and tear, or anything else.

We offer the Heavy Duty Planar and Heavy Duty Deco School Radiators, available as K1 models, with one set of convection fins and one radiator panel, or K2 radiators, with two sets of convection fins and two radiator panels. This allows you to possess a durable, hardwearing School Radiator, with the ability to choose their power output and level of energy efficiency. For help deciding which School Radiator is most energy efficient for you work environment, you can use our handy BTU Heat Loss Calculator. Simply enter some details regarding the environment you wish to install it in, and we can help you decide which School Radiator is most suitable for you. School radiators with extra protection aren’t just great for the classroom. These models have an extra protected waterproof outer casing, making them ideal for changing rooms, shower rooms, and anywhere else where there might be the risk of exposure to water or moisture in the air.

Choose Safety With School Radiators

With so many options available, we know it can be difficult deciding on the perfect School Radiator. Unsure of what size School Radiator to buy for your place of work? Not to worry, you can use our Radiator Size Search Calculator, to help you decide which size is ideal for you. Simply enter your measurements into this cleverly designed tool and you’ll have your new School Radiator up-and-running in near to no time at all.

Need some assistance? We know that buying a School radiator is an important decision. We want to make sure that your school environment is as safe as possible, which is why we at Stelrad are always here to help. If you have any queries about our School Radiators, or any of our other radiator models, check out our FAQ advice hub, where we hope your questions will be thoroughly answered. Simply add your radiators for schools to your basket and checkout online today!

School Radiators FAQs

Are School Radiators Different to Standard Radiators?

School radiators are designed for the environment they are in, so they are predominantly all about ensuring safety to touch and avoid bacteria spreading, as well as being great at heating the room. You’ll find they vary a lot more compared to options available for utility rooms or cloakrooms. Hard-wearing and heavy duty designs are not always necessary in a home environment, so we have the options to ensure any choice in a classroom or communal area is best for higher footfall traffic and offers more than a standard radiator. Buy radiators for schools directly online.

Can I Fit School Radiators Myself?

Like any of our radiator ranges, you’ll have all the necessary brackets and installation fittings to help install it. By all means, there is no requirement to do this yourself, so arranging professional fitters can help do this quickly and accurately. If you are arranging contractors to fit, it’s best to wait until your radiators for schools have arrived to do so to avoid any issues from an unexpected delivery delay. You may find with the heavy duty styles, these are a bigger job to install than say a space saving radiator or other wall mounted option.

Do School Radiators Come in Multiple Colour Options?

Whilst many of our great radiator ranges have multiple colour schemes available, currently the majority of our school radiators have limited colour options. If you have a colour in mind that you cannot find online, please get in touch with our team and we can help you find the perfect radiators for schools for you.