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Radiators are often overlooked as a product of necessity, rather than a desirable, aesthetic household item. We’d like to change that. At Stelrad, we believe radiators should have the opportunity to present themselves as a talking point, rather than a simple practical addition to your room.

Give yourself a real housewarming with a style that suits you. Whatever your requirements may be, our broad assortment of central heating radiators will have you covered. Our radiator range is so extensive, there’s truly something for everyone. Whether you’re an advocate of modern design, an old school fashionista or you’re looking for a flash of colour to accompany the heat, we at Stelrad empower you with the freedom of choice. Whether you’re looking for a designer radiator, column radiator, vertical radiator or something else altogether, we have you covered with the best radiators the UK has to offer.

Our HOME Range of Radiators Online

We know that your home should embody you and your personal style, and design is everything!

Our designs are consistently evolving to match your demands and we pride ourselves in innovation. Our various ranges of radiators are a perfect hybrid of expert engineering and unique design, crafted to perfection by our passionate creative team.

Standard designs are great, but down the pipeline, your preferences and requirements may change. Whether you want a classic design, a floor to ceiling showstopper or a centrepiece that will add that “wow” factor to your room – the power is in your hands. With so many options, we make sure your room of choice will be too hot to handle.

Buy Radiators Online for Every Room

Stelrad Radiators are tailor made to suit any room of your choice. Whether you’re looking to brighten up your bathroom, add some life to your hallway or improve the Feng Shui in your living room, our styles are unmatched, and we guarantee we have a design that will suit you.

We don’t just generate heat – we generate memories. Having the perfect radiator design for your room is as important as any other piece of furniture and we pride ourselves in providing the very best radiators in the UK.

Get Your New Central Heating Radiators, Today!

Free UK delivery is available for all our radiators when you make a purchase of £200 or more, arriving safely at your door in the highest quality packaging, ensuring maximum protection.

When you buy radiators online, we know it can feel somewhat daunting. Radiators are a vital part of your home, both in function and style, and when you buy radiators online, you put a lot of trust in us based upon the description alone.

Unsure which radiator is right for you? Worried about the costs that will follow regarding central heating radiators? Want to make sure that the product actually fits once it arrives?

Don’t worry – we’ve got your back!

When buying radiators online from Stelrad, we make the decision a whole lot easier with these handy tools. Use our heat loss calculator and radiator size search tool to figure out which products are best suited to you.

Contact us here to learn more, we’re always happy to help.

Key Radiator FAQS & Advice

We at Stelrad Radiators UK aim to keep you as informed as possible regarding radiator maintenance, as well as assisting in the decision-making process prior to your radiator purchase. When you buy Stelrad Radiators online, we like to make things simpler.

Read on for more information regarding all things radiator related.

See below links to some frequently asked questions about radiators.

What radiator size suits me?

Our handy radiator size search tool will help you resolve any size related issues you may have. It’s imperative to us that you buy a radiator that fulfils your personal needs. Using this tool will save you time down the line! Additionally, read our radiators buying guide to find out what radiator is best suited to you.

What radiator is best for heat efficiency?

This is a common query when deciding on your new radiator. Cost is a huge factor once you have already bought your product and using our radiator heat loss calculator to find out which of our radiators will heat your room most optimally is the best way to find what specifications meet your needs down the line.

How do I decide what radiator replacement is best?

Read our how to measure a radiator replacement guide to understand what factors to consider when the time comes to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new.

How do I bleed my new radiator?

Bleeding your radiator is essential when it comes to radiator maintenance. This is the process of letting out air that has become trapped inside your radiator system. Read our guide to find out how to bleed a radiator.

What do I do if my radiator is leaking?

This can be a big problem, but don’t panic! If your radiator starts to leak, close both valves to isolate, let out the air to release the pressure and the leak should subside.

What about the winter months?

Winter can be one of the more expensive times of year to run your central heating radiators. Read our guide on what is the most efficient way to run central heating in your house during winter.

For all radiator UK FAQs, view our advice hub.

What temperatures should I work to, to size my radiators?

When sizing radiators it is advisable to consult with a competent installer to determine what temperatures your heat source works at, you will also need to know the desired room temperature you require, for the radiators to heat the room to.


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