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    Home Series Column Vertical Concept From: £430.48 Incl VAT The Vita Column Vertical Concept is available in a range of sizes that will see these radiators matching virtually any space in the home.
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Bringing the ever-popular column radiator into the 21st century, Stelrad Column Vertical Concept Radiators take the design up a level with a vertical structure with a trendy anthracite grey finish – the decade’s favourite colour. Now, that’s a hot trend radiator!

Available in 2 sizes and finished in modern anthracite, this 2-column radiator provides 3809 to 4239 BTU/hr depending on size.

The Stelrad Column Vertical Concept Radiator brings the column radiator (a period property favourite) into the 21st century with its sought after vertical design and on-trend colour. Vertical radiators have soared in popularity over the years with their striking style that makes a statement in every home. The vertical design offers flexibility in smaller rooms as they take up less horizontal wall space whilst adding fashionable statements to your home.

By turning the traditional column structure vertical, it creates a designer radiator that is just as at home in a period property as in a contemporary interior or an industrial-style aesthetic.

Available in 2 sizes, this compact radiator will fit into most room layouts. If you need help selecting the size of your radiator, use our Radiator Size Calculator. Just enter the measurements of your wall space for a list of suitable radiators for your room.

Why not coordinate it with our Column Horizontal Radiators for a coherent, impressive interior design scheme?


Moving towards cosier interiors, home design has been taken over by darker, richer tones. Plum woodwork, black taps, and emerald walls are all top trends in home design. Within all these schemes, the anthracite grey Column Vertical Concept Radiator is the ideal addition.

If monochrome minimalism is your style, this anthracite radiator provides a less intimidating contrast than jet black. Or if the raw material, industrial style takes your fancy, then metal radiators are a great fit.

However, if you love the vertical column design but want a white radiator, try our Column Vertical Radiator.


It is essential that you understand the BTU requirements of your room before selecting a radiator. Use our BTU Heat Loss Calculator to input your room’s size, construction, glazing, and other factors. It will provide you with an estimated BTU requirement figure which you should use when deciding which radiator is best for your room.

The Stelrad Column Vertical Concept Radiator produces 3809 to 4239 BTU/hr. As a 2-column radiator, it is also more of a slimline radiator than its 3 and 4-column alternatives. Use the BTU and your available wall space to determine which is best for you.

This premium radiator comes with a 5-year warranty to support its quality build and performance. You would not expect any less from Stelrad.


Buying a radiator online is a big decision. We’ve got you covered with our dedicated team – all here to answer your questions and support you through your purchase. Just use our on-page Live Chat feature or visit our Advice Hub.

We are proud to offer the UK’s best made and widest range of radiators. We’ve been manufacturing and selling radiators since 1936, so we are experts when it comes to helping our customers find the best radiator. You can buy your Stelrad Column Vertical Concept Radiator from us with confidence.


Are Stelrad Column Vertical Concept Radiators as Good as Horizontal?

It’s common for people to assume vertical radiators have a lower heat output than horizontal radiators, however, contrary to popular belief, vertical radiators are just as effective. As well as this, there are many other benefits to choosing a vertical radiator including being able to utilise more wall space in the room, and it can increase the overall price of your property due to its modern and uncommon design.

Are Column Vertical Concept Radiators a Good Choice for my Home?

The short answer is yes! Vertical radiators are just as efficient as horizontal radiators and are rising in popularity as some of the best radiators in the UK. They are fitted well to the wall and secured with bolts. They are tested for strength and weight meaning the Stelrad Column Vertical Concept Radiators that you buy won’t topple over after years of use. Taller, slimmer radiators are the perfect option for those who have modern homes, industrial aesthetics or want to inject some fashionable yet functional pieces into their home.