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    Vita Plan Vertical radiator
    Accessories Vertical Side Panels From: £235.64 Incl VAT The Vertical end panels can be purchased for the following products:
    • Vita Compact Vertical
    • Vita Deco Vertical
    • Vita Plan Vertical
    • Sofltine compact Vertical
    • Sofltine Deco Vertical
    • Sofltine Plan Vertical
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Panelled Protection

At Stelrad, we only produce the highest quality products. From our radiators, to our heating elements and accessories, such as Radiator Side Panels. We have 3 ranges of Radiator Side Panel available; Standard Radiator Side Panels, Softline Radiator Side Panels and Vertical Radiator Side Panels. We offer our Standard and Softline Radiator Side Panels as individual left or right panels or as pairs, which give you the option of buying the full set if you want to replace both, or just one, if that is what you require. Both Horizontal Radiator Side Panels are available for the Compact, Silhouette, Deco and Plan, either for the Vita Series with the Standard, or the Softline Series.

Vertical Radiator Side Panels are available for the Vita Compact Vertical, Vita Deco Vertical, Vita Plan Vertical, Softline Compact Vertical, Softline Deco Vertical and Softline Plan Vertical, which allows you to buy a replacement for nearly every Vertical Radiator that we offer. When it comes to radiator maintenance, removing and reinstalling your Stelrad Radiator Side Panels is a very easy-to-follow process. To clean the inside of your appliance, throw on a pair of gloves and slide the Radiator Side Panels to the bottom, before removing the top grille off from one side. Don’t worry if the C-Clips break during this process, we are happy to provide you with additional ones if this is to happen. To help you install your new Stelrad Radiator Side Panel, see our guide on how to remove Radiator Side Panels and Grilles, which will assist in getting your product clean, without the fuss.

Radiator Side Panels: Simple Stelrad Accessories

Browse our vast range of other Accessories, such as bracket clips, cover clips and Radiator Side Panel clips, where you can find additional add-ons for your appliance to match up with you Radiator Side Panels. Your Radiator and Accessories naturally age with time, which is why we provide such a vast range of additional products for maintenance. Even so, we at Stelrad know that all of our products, including accessories Radiator Side Panels, are built to last. That’s why we provide a 2 Year Warranty for Stelrad Radiator Side Panels.

If you are looking for something aside from our Radiator Side Panels, we offer the most comprehensive range of products in the UK. Browse our entire website to find the perfect radiator for you and your personal requirements.

We are always happy to help at Stelrad. If you need assistance, feel free to contact one of our specialist team here, who will get back to you as quickly as possible. Alternatively, for more information regarding Radiator Side Panels, and all other Radiator information, see our FAQs advice hub, where we hope your issue will be resolved.