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    Heavy Duty Radiators: Made To Last

    Deco Heavy Duty Radiators from Stelrad are the durable, hardwearing heavy duty electric radiator that is built to last. This heavy weight contender is the epitome of sturdy style, with an art deco inspired sleek finish, combined with uncompromising components within. Specifically engineered to withstand the more demanding of environments, you can choose between a K1 or K2 model heavy duty electric radiator that is willing to take a beating, but still performs with an exceptional energy output.

    The Deco Heavy Duty Radiator is available from heights of 450mm – 600m and lengths of 400mm – 2000mm, giving you the opportunity to choose which size of heavy duty radiator is right for you, your home, or workplace. Heavy duty radiators and heavy duty electric radiators have increased in popularity in recent years due to their double faceted benefit of being extremely durable, along with their powerful heat output. As you expand your office or workplace, the number of people will also naturally increase. In a busy work environment, be it an office, warehouse, or any other kind of work environment, the safety of your heating facilities need not be compromised by an increase in footfall. Designed with people in mind, our heavy duty radiators will withstand bumps, knocks, and the inevitable element of human error that may occur in your workplace or home.

    Heavy duty electric radiators are also especially beneficial in environments such as gyms, hotels and leisure centres, retaining the ability to keep your customers and clients warm while doing what heavy duty radiators do best, ensuring protection with their robust exterior. It’s not just the heavy duty radiator fixings that make this model a hardwearing favourite. Stelrad’s classic RAL 9016 Traffic White paint is a water resistance, drip free coating, specially engineered to withstand the elements, be it heat, liquids, or the stress of impact.

    A Heavy Weight Contender

    At Stelrad, when we say heavy duty, we really mean it. The heavy duty radiator fixings are custom-made for our heavy duty electric radiator models and we assure you they will stand the test of time. To decide which heavy duty electric radiator is most efficient for you and your environment, see our BTU Heat Loss Calculator to compare the different models available.  Browse our entire website if you would prefer to check out one of our other radiator models, such as our Vertical Radiator range, our Column Radiators, Towel Rail Radiators for your Kitchen or Bathroom as well as a whole array of other Radiators in a vast range of styles, sizes and colours. Click here to view our entire range of special application radiators.

    For help deciding what size heavy duty radiator is just right for you, use our easy to use Size Search Calculator  and you’ll have your new heavy duty radiator fixing your cold environment, and will be up and running in no time at all.

    For more information on Heavy Duty Radiators and all other radiator related topics, see our FAQs page where we hope your question will be answered. Alternatively, contact us here, where we will get back to you as quickly as we can. We are always happy to help.