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    Colour: Various Sizes
    Home Series Column Vertical From: £245.50 Incl VAT The Stelrad Home Series Column Vertical provides a real style statement. Ideal for use in modern minimalist rooms or where wall space is restricted.
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    Colour: Various Sizes
    Home Series Column Vertical Concept From: £394.22 Incl VAT The Vita Column Vertical Concept is available in a range of sizes that will see these radiators matching virtually any space in the home.
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Since 1936, Stelrad has provided the most innovative, highly stylish radiator ranges in the UK. With such a longstanding reputation, the abilities of the heating appliances we provide are proof of the quality of our products. Our vertical column radiators in the UK are no exception, with a wide range of ranges available. Buy your radiators in the vertical column model today and heat your home in style. See our range of column vertical radiators for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

Vertical Column Radiators From Stelrad

We give you the power of choice when it comes to our vertical column radiators in the UK we have available. Our Designer Series vertical column radiators, the classic column vertical radiator range, are available in 6 size options, with 36 different colours available. From our trademark Traffic White, to maroon, green, pastel orange and many more, you can easily integrate these designer vertical column radiators into your UK home with absolute ease. Vertical column radiators we offer all perform to the highest possible specifications, while offering an aesthetically magnificent accompaniment to your home interior. These are available with varying power outputs, either as one or two column radiator models.

To find out which of our vertical column radiators is most cost effective for you in terms of efficiency, we can offer you an exceptionally useful tool. By using our BTU Calculator, you can simply enter some basic details about the size and qualities of the room you wish to install your column vertical radiators and find out which one is perfect for you.

Best Selling Vertical Column Radiators

We also offer radiator vertical column models in our highly popular ranges. Available in drip free Traffic White or Anthracite Grey paint, you can either choose to brighten your room, or add a vertical column radiator with a highly stylish darker coat of paint, that will be sure to attract they eyes of guests within your home. Our vertical column radiators are available in 8 size options, these two column models are extremely versatile, allowing you to choose a size that fits your home perfectly, adding sophistication and warmth in unison.

Whether you prefer contemporary or traditional interior décor, these stylish vertical column radiators for your UK home can act as either, allowing you to express your personality through your choice of home décor.

Benefits of Vertical Column Radiators

Vertical column radiators are exceptionally attractive heating appliances with superb heating capabilities. Like all upright models, or vertical column radiators in the UK allow you to install a high specification heating appliance without having to compromise in terms in space. As vertical column radiators are tall bodied radiators, they do not take up much space length-wise. This means you have many more options when you purchase a vertical column radiators, allowing you to decorate your room exactly as you would like, giving you more floor space for other furniture, decorative features, or any other additions you would like to add to your home.

When it comes to deciding upon what size of vertical column radiator for your UK home that is right for you, it may sometimes feel difficult. How can you decide upon what size is right when you are shopping for a vertical column radiator online? We at Stelrad simplify the process for you, with our highly useful, precisely designed Radiator Size Calculator. This allows you to simply enter the dimensions of the available space you have to install your new vertical column radiator, and we can immediately provide you with the perfect sized vertical column radiators for your UK home with an automated process. Whatever dimensions available, we will surely have the vertical column radiator that’s perfect for you. If you would prefer a wider bodied model, we also offer horizontal column radiators, available in a wide range of size, style, and colour options. What are you waiting for? Begin heating up your home in style with vertical column radiators that are built to last.

Order your Vertical Column Radiator Today

We make the process of acquiring a high-spec vertical column radiator extraordinarily simple at Stelrad. Purchasing your vertical column radiator is an easy process when shopping with Stelrad. If you have any queries involving vertical column radiators or any other of our radiator models, get in touch today. We have a dedicated, highly trained team of radiator experts who can help with any questions you may have, simply visit our Advice Hub and we will do everything we can to help.

Vertical Column Radiator FAQs

Are Vertical Column Radiators a Good Idea?

Vertical column radiators rom Stelrad offer the same heat output as horizontal styles radiators, making them an ideal solution for most rooms. Depending on the size and shape of your room, a vertical column radiator could be the perfect option due to their superb heating capabilities and their space efficiency.

Are Vertical Column Radiators Better Than Panel?

In short, yes. Column radiators, including our vertical column radiators, are an energy efficient way of heating your home. Panel radiators are still popular in any households, but due to the larger surface area within the columns, they have superior heating capabilities to a panel model, emitting significantly larger levels of heat. This is why our column vertical radiators are a popular option in many homes across the UK.