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    Vita Ultra Blue with Bar LR angled
    Home Series Ultra Horizontal Bar From: £134.67 Incl VAT **PLEASE NOTE**
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    Accessories Vertical Ultra Towel Rail Bar From: £83.19 Incl VAT


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Off The Rails Accessories

Towel Rail Bars from Stelrad are exceptional accessories to add to your radiators. Towel Bar Rails such as our Vertical Ultra Towel Bar Rail, Vita Ultra Horizontal Bar and other additional radiator towel bar rails are great add-ons to other Stelrad products you already own.

In busier households, places of work or public establishments, a problem often faced is when the person who is just a little bit too late turns up to hang their towel, and inevitably, has to face disappointment when the last radiator towel bar rail has been claimed. We at Stelrad acknowledge this situation as annoying, unfortunate and a huge inconvenience. But, even so, the towel bar rail fiasco need not go on any further, and is totally resolvable. That’s why here at Stelrad, within our range of Accessories, we provide additional radiator towel bar rails for your convenience. Drying off just became a much better and less-wetter experience.

Our designer Vertical Ultra Towel Rail Bar is not only exquisitely designed, improving the overall look of your radiator, but also extremely beneficial and adaptable, available in widths of 400mm, 500mm and 600mm while the Vita Ultra Horizontal Bar Towel Rail is available in lengths of 400mm, 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm. Both of these models can enhance your Vita Ultra Horizontal or Vertical Radiator. The Horizontal allows for 2 additional towel bar rails and the Vertical has space for 3 extra towel bar rails. Once you have an extra one of these in your home, things get a whole lot easier.

Towel Bar Rails: Setting The Bar Higher

Our other additional radiator towel rail bar on offer is available for most other towel rail radiators, donned with a stylish chrome finish and available in lengths of 300mm, 400mm, 460mm and 620mm, depending on the size of your radiator. Installing a towel bar rail will mean that you the total towel rail volume will be reduced by 10%, for air expansion, which is the reason for the bleed valve within it. For help with the radiator towel bar rail installation process, please watch this easy-to-follow video, where the process is clearly shown, so you can have your additional radiator towel rail bar up and hanging your towel to dry in no time at all. If you already have a Stelrad product, you may know that the Ellipse, Esprit and Vistaline come with an additional towel rail bar, which is extremely useful if your environment requires it. Aside from towel bar rails, we have a whole range of other accessories available that we suggest you take a look at to enhance your Stelrad Radiator.

Additionally, browse our entire website to see all of Stelrad’s Radiators. Our other ranges include models such as our Vertical Radiators, Bathroom Radiators, Column Radiators and other models from our Designer Series.

For more information on Radiator Towel Bar Rails, as well as more radiator related information, see our FAQs page where we hope your question will be answered. Alternatively, contact us here, where we will get back to you as quickly as we can. We are always happy to help.