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    Black Softline Concord Slimline radiator
    Colour: Various Sizes
    Home Series Concord Slimline Concept From: £462.23 Incl VAT The Stelrad Home Series Concord Slimline Concept radiator in Anthracite Grey makes a statement and maximises space in your room, without compromising on output.
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Modern & Stylish Concord Slimline Concept Radiators

The Stelrad Concord Slimline Concept Radiator range is a perfect combination of striking modern design and reliable, traditional engineering. This is a modern approach to a timeless style, allowing you to create a design feature from your radiator – the concord slimline concept has it all.

This stylish range is available in four sizes and finished in a fashionable anthracite grey, pairing well with home interiors’ latest colour trends. This designer radiator is a single tubed radiator with a heat output ranging from 2975 to 5951 BTU/hr, depending on the size purchase.

Pairing a striking modern design with reliable, traditional heating, the Stelrad concord slimline concept radiators are perfect for modern homes.

A Slimline Concept for Upward Space

Ideal for both home and business properties, the concord slimline concept radiators are equally efficient as they are visually appealing. These radiators tower vertically from floor to ceiling, making them an attractive talking point and saving on lower wall space.

Since vertical radiators are prevalent in modern home interiors, this versatile design means you can place furniture against the room’s walls without blocking the path of the heat. Therefore, it’s just as much a striking designer radiator as a space-saving radiator.

Constructed from long flat tubes, the rank-and-file design is reminiscent of column radiators, making the Stelrad Concord Slimline Concept an ideal radiator for a period property with a modern twist. The anthracite grey finish is perfect for the deep tones popular in period interior décor.

With four sizes, the Concord Slimline Concept range has several slimline options for your home.

The Stelrad Concord Slimline Concept: Going Grey

The Concord Slimline Concept radiators come in Anthracite Grey, said to be one of the trendiest home coloured radiator choices of the decade. This dark grey hue offers soft contrast to other colours than deep black. There is a certain elegance of style that can only be achieved through anthracite grey. This colour choice is so popular that we have a whole range of fashionable anthracite radiators for you to explore.

You can also purchase this style of a radiator in white. View the Stelrad Concord Slimline concept range for the same great design as a white radiator.

Sleek Concept with Power

This metal radiator has a single row of columns and, depending on the size you choose, has a BTU/hr of 2975 to 5951. To determine the BTU requirement for your room, use our BTU Heat Loss Calculator; this will assess your room’s size, construction, and glazing to provide a BTU requirement.

To select your size, you can also use our Radiator Size Calculator. Just add your available wall space dimensions, and the calculator will show you the best radiators for your space.

Buy The Stelrad Concord Slimline Concept Radiators Today

Here, at Stelrad, we have been producing radiators since 1936. As the UK’s leading radiator specialist, we have the broadest range of radiators. While we understand that buying radiators online can feel a little daunting, we hope that our expertise and our proven track record on Trust Pilot will give you the confidence to buy a Concord Slimline Concept from us.

We offer extensive assistance to all our customers. Feel free to Contact Us, visit our Advice Hub or use our on-page Live Chat feature. We are here to help.

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Stelrad Concord Slimline Concept Radiators FAQs

I Keep Seeing BTU; What Does This Mean When I am Buying a Radiator?

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit. It is an energy unit you can use to measure the heat output of a radiator. It is a crucial metric to take into consideration when choosing a radiator. Indeed, a radiator could be small but boast a very powerful BTU. Therefore, it is essential to calculate the BTU you need before buying radiators, as this will help you narrow down your search and help you determine if the radiator you are choosing will heat your space to a high standard. Calculating the BTU output required is vital.

How Long is the Warranty for the Concord Slimline Concept Range?

The Stelrad Concord Slimline concept range comes with a 5–10-year warranty to measure the overall dependable quality and performance. You wouldn’t expect any less from Stelrad.

Is the Concord Slimline Concept Radiator Simple to Install?

The Concord Slimline Concept is a wall-mounted radiator. It is provided with wall brackets for installation.