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    Home Series Classic Compact Xtra Protection From: £121.24 Incl VAT The Stelrad Home Series Compact Xtra Protection radiator is perfect for bathrooms, showers or wet rooms with its rust resistant coating.
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Protection For Where It Matters

Compact Xtra Protection Radiators from Stelrad are an ideal choice for your home when you require a premium heating facility that is not only the highest of specifications, but also protects against moisture in the atmosphere, making them perfect for bathrooms, changing rooms, or any other room that will expose them to water particles in the air.

Available in 16 different sizes, the Compact Xtra Protection Radiator range from Stelrad is adaptable to any room of your choosing, regardless of your spatial necessities. This innovatively designed model of compact radiator is a built in a classic, instantly recognisable design, coated in our trademark RAL 9016 Traffic White paint. As with all of our models, the paint coating is drip-free and waterproof, which is especially ideal for when you need to heat your room in a space that requires extra protection.

Ideal for damp, humid environments, including bathrooms, shower rooms and changing rooms, as well as being especially beneficial in work environments where condensation and moisture is likely to remain heavily in the atmosphere for prolonged periods, these compact radiators with extra protection will do what they say on the label – provide extra help, extra protection, while doing an extra-ordinary job at heating up your facility.

The Compact Xtra Protection Radiator will provide protection against the elements, allowing it to retain its appearance, leaving it looking brand new, for as long as possible. The additional coating applied to the Compact Xtra Protection Radiator prevents corrosion, on the outside as well as the all-important interior, allowing for a long-lasting, outstanding heating facility, without having to compromise on the level of heat emitted from it. Available as K1 model, with 1 radiator panel and 1 set of convection fins, or K2 model with 2 radiator panels and 2 sets of convection fins, the Compact Xtra Protection Radiator is tailor made, depending on your personal needs.

Compact Xtra Protection Radiators: Extra Safe, Extra Stylish, Extra Stelrad

The sizes of the Compact Xtra Protection Radiator range from heights of 450mm – 600mm and widths of 400mm – 1000mm, enabling you with the freedom of choice when choosing your Compact Xtra Protection Radiator. If you need help deciding what size Compact Xtra Protection Radiator you need for your home or facility, we can help you there. Use our handy Radiator Size Search Calculator to find the best model for you.

Additionally, see our BTU Heat Loss Calculator, which will let you know what the most efficient radiator for your needs will be. Every Compact Xtra Protection Radiator comes complete with a 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty, as we know even when you need to contain your radiator in a more formidable environment, it is built to last and will withstand the elements.

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For more radiator related FAQs, click here to see more information on Compact Xtra Protection Radiators and all other radiators. Alternatively, click here to contact one of our specialist team. We are always happy to help.