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    Home Series Vertical Line Concept From: £190.35 Incl VAT The Stelrad Home Series Vertical Line Concept in Anthracite Grey adds a modern feature to any room.
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Vertical Line Concept Radiators

The vertical line concept radiators are a best-seller at Stelrad, adding a touch of elegance to any style of home. These radiators are suitable to fit in hallways and cupboards as well as other rooms in your home. Going for a concept radiator in anthracite grey will add a sleek feel to any room and is also the most efficient colour choice when it comes to radiators’ heat output. Browse our statement Stelrad vertical line concept range and pick out your favourite, then check we have it in the specific size you are looking for. Order online today and your radiator will be with you within 48 hours, depending on your postcode.

Target Home Aesthetic with Vertical Radiators

With vertical line concept radiators, you will be improving the aesthetic of your home, as well as heating it up efficiently. There is something modern and neat about vertical radiators and therefore, many people decide to go for this orientation when choosing new radiators. The anthracite grey radiators are dark in colour, therefore, an effective insulator of heat. Grey is an ideal colour to make a statement on any wall or blend in with dark wallpaper. If you are looking for a radiator that is pleasing to the eye as well as affordable and efficient, our Stelrad vertical line concept radiator could be the best one to go for.

Designer Vertical Radiators

It’s worth going all out when it comes to investing in radiators as they will last for many years and keep you warm in the colder winter months. Whether you are a family, couple or individual, you will want to stay toasty in the peak of winter and we make this possible with designer radiators at Stelrad. You can find vertical orientated designer radiators to easily install in your home and some of our favourites are the chrome radiators and coloured radiators, both ideal to match up with vertical line concept radiators if you want to invest in more than one radiator for your home. Many of our customers go for the same radiator to install throughout their homes but why not have a few different styles? With so many different designs available, it can be tricky to only choose one! Also, different rooms have different purposes, so maybe you would like anthracite grey radiators in your living room for maximum warmth but white radiators in your bedrooms, for a more subtle radiator choice.

Other Vertical Radiator Options

At Stelrad, we have a whole selection of vertical radiators, meaning you don’t have to go for the vertical line concept radiator. The benefit of all our vertical radiators are the range of styles, colours, materials, and sizes we have on offer. You can find vertical column radiators to add a touch of retro to your home or vertical flat front panel radiators with hidden pipes, suitable for homes with small children. Vertical radiators are becoming just as popular as classic horizontal radiators and there will be no difference in the heat output down to orientation.

Stelrad Vertical Line Concept 02

Vertical Line Concept Radiators FAQs

What is the Difference Between a Vertical Line Concept Radiator and a Vertical Line Radiator?

Our vertical line concept radiators are a more modern design; therefore, we refer to them as ‘concept radiators’. They are also different down to their colour, the vertical line concept radiators are a grey colour, unlike the vertical line radiators that are mainly white.

What is the Best Way to Clean Vertical Line Concept Radiators?

As with most of our radiators, vertical line concept radiators are straightforward to clean. You can use warm soapy water and a soft cloth to give your radiator a rub over. Make sure you only use soft cloths and wipes to avoid scratching your radiator and keep it in the best condition possible. Hoovering the dusk off your Stelrad vertical line concept radiator is essential before cleaning. Find our cleaning guide if you would like extra details about cleaning your radiator.

Why Go for a Vertical Line Concept Radiator Over a Horizontal Radiator?

Vertical line concept radiators will free up floor space in your room and can act as organisers as well as heat emitters. You can browse our vertical towel radiators to find ideal options to use in your bathroom if you don’t think vertical line concept radiators would fit.

Is it Obvious When a Vertical Radiator Needs Bleeding?

Yes, it will be reasonably obvious to tell when a vertical radiator needs bleeding as the top of the radiator commonly goes cold. This is a key sign the radiator has trapped air inside and you will need to let this out as soon as possible. You can find our Stelrad Bleeding a Radiator YouTube Video for step-by-step instructions. Making sure you bleed your radiator at least once a year will ensure you aren’t paying too much for your energy bills.