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    Home Series Concord Slimline Coloured From: £412.60 Incl VAT The slim and stylish tubed design of the Stelrad Home Series Concord Slimline Coloured is available in over 30 colours.
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Stylish & Modern Concord Slimline Radiators

One of our most elite designer radiator ranges, the Stelrad concord slimline radiators are built from only the highest quality materials. Their smooth, sleek curves adorn your walls with attractive aesthetics. Who’d have thought radiators could look so good in your home? The concord slimline radiators are one of the most beautiful vertical radiators Stelrad offers.

The Stelrad concord slimline radiators offer an awe-inspiring design with premium heating technology for your home. Their design is sure to complement any room you place them in. Their vertical perspective with tall tubular bodies rides up the wall, creating new senses of height and terrific heat levels within your home. The singular tube design allows for a radiator that may resemble a grid, but it certainly won’t cage in any heat.

Stelrad Concord Slimline – Heating Your Home in Style

With eight size options available, the Concord Slimline Radiator is adaptable to your specific requirements within your home. The heights of this tall, tubed model range from 1800mm to 2000mm, putting it ahead of most heating facilities in terms of size, while also available in 320mm – 640mm in length, so it can be as wide or slim as you would like it to be, enabling you with the power of freedom when making your purchase decision.

The vast range of sizes allows you to install it wherever you want, without compromising, assuming you have the ceiling space for it. Using our expertly designer Radiator Size Search Calculator, you can make the purchasing process a lot easier by figuring out the spatial requirements of your room before you make your online order.

With the ability to produce heat outputs between 872 – 1956 Watts and 2975 – 6674 Btu/hr, it will keep your room warm all year round. For assistance choosing your new Concord Slimline Radiator based on its heat output, use our BTU Heat Loss Calculator to figure out which model is most efficient for you and your personal needs in your home.

A Colourful Choice with Concord Slimline Radiators

The power of choice is in your hands when buying a Stelrad Concord Slimline Radiator. A vast range of 34 colour options is available for this model, all coated in Stelrad’s run-free, water-resistant paint. This ensures the highest quality coating for the Concord Slimline Radiators, so when things start to heat up, the entire body of the radiator hangs around for the ride. Be sure to check out out full range of coloured radiators should colour be what you’re after.

Buying Concord Slimline Radiators Online

At Stelrad, we have been manufacturing radiators since 1936, so we know a thing or two about superior heat engineering, cutting-edge radiator design, and superb customer service. With the UK’s most comprehensive range of radiators, we also know about providing the best online shopping experience. Online purchases can be daunting, particularly of something as crucial as your radiator. However, we hope that our industry expertise and experience will give you the confidence to buy your new Stelrad Concord Slimline Radiators from us

If the Concord Slimline Radiator isn’t quite what you’re looking for, Stelrad offers a vast range of other radiators on our website. Please browse our extensive range of Radiators, and we promise there will be something for everyone, every room, and every tailor specific requirement.

If you have more questions regarding the Concord Slimline Radiators or more general radiator queries, check out our advice hub for more radiator know-how. Alternatively, contact us here to speak with one of our radiator experts.

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Stelrad Concord Slimline Radiators FAQs

Is it Simple to Install Stelrad Concord Slimline Radiators?

Installing a tall-bodied vertical heating appliance, such as the Concord Slimline Radiators, can feel daunting when buying a radiator online. You may question how you will install a model like this, but we assure you that the process is simple. Use our Concord Slimline Radiator Installation and Technical Guide, where the process is explained to you with comprehensive instructions. You’ll have your new, slim bodied tube radiator up and running in no time.

Is BTU Important to Consider?

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit, an energy unit used to measure a radiator’s output to heat a room. It is essential to calculate the BTU you need before buying radiators, as this will help you narrow down your search and help you determine if the radiator you are choosing will heat your space to a high standard. Sometimes, people think that the bigger the radiator, the higher the heat output will be, and it is easy to see why people make this assumption – but unfortunately, it’s not that simple! Calculating the BTU output required is vital.

Which Rooms do Concord Slimline Radiators Suit?

Our Concord Slimline Radiators range is perfect for most rooms in your house where you may not have much wall space. They are also ideal for rooms with wall units like kitchens, utility rooms and bathrooms, and they’ll look stylish in any room.