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    Planar Heavy Duty Radiators: Strength, Style, Substance

    Planar Heavy Duty Radiators from Stelrad are the durable, hardwearing heavy duty radiator that will withstand the test of time. This heavy weight appliance is the perfect hybridisation of sturdiness and style, with an attractively sleek finish. Specifically engineered to withstand the more challenging of environments, you can choose between a K1 or K2 model heavy duty radiator that is able to perform to the highest of specifications, while surviving in physically demanding locations.

    The Planar Heavy Duty Radiator is available from heights of 450mm – 600m and lengths of 400mm – 2000mm, giving you the opportunity to choose which size of heavy duty radiator is right for you, your home, or workplace. Heavy Duty Radiators have risen in popularity over the last few years due to their dual benefit of being exceptionally resilient, as well as producing a powerful heat output. For assistance in deciding which Planar Heavy Duty Radiator is perfect for your spatial requirements, use our cleverly designed Radiator Size Search Calculator, which will do the hard work for you when deciding upon what size is best for your needs.

    When expanding your place of work, it is natural that the size of your environment will also grow, and with it, the number of people entering on a daily basis. Planar Heavy Duty Radiators are able to retain the ability to keep your customers and clients warm while doing what Heavy Duty Radiators do best, guaranteeing safety with their strong exterior. It’s not just the Heavy Duty Radiator fixings that make this model a hardwearing favourite. Stelrad’s classic RAL 9016 Traffic White paint is a water resistance, drip free coating, specially engineered to withstand the elements, be it heat, liquids, or the stress of impact. Whether it’s a warehouse, office, leisure centre, or any other kind of work environment, the protection of your heating facilities need not be compromised by increased footfall. Developed with people in mind, our Heavy Duty Radiators will withstand collisions, bumps, and the unavoidable element of human error that may occur in your workplace or home.

    Withstanding Warmth

    As well as their protective values, the Planar Heavy Duty Radiator is also a great emitter of heat. Available with 1 radiator panel and 1 set of convection fins or 2 radiator panel and 2 sets of convection fins, you can decide how powerful, and how efficient, your new Planar Heavy Duty Radiator should be. Outputs of this range span from 268 – 3203 Watts or 915 – 10928 Btu/hr, so the power is in your hands when making your purchase decision. For help in regard to efficiency, you can use our BTU Heat Loss Calculator, to make an informed decision when purchasing your new Heavy Duty appliance.

    If a Planar Heavy Duty Radiator isn’t quite right for your current requirements, not to worry, Stelrad offers the most comprehensive range of radiators in the UK, browse our website, and find the perfect Radiator for you. We promise, you’ll love what we have to offer.

    We at Stelrad are always here to help. If you have any queries about our Planar Heavy Duty Radiators, or any of our other radiator models, check out our FAQ advice hub, where we hope your questions will be thoroughly answered.

    Alternatively, feel free to contact us here, and one of our radiator experts will get back to you as quickly as possible.