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    Caliente Horizontal Radiators: Heat Beyond The Horizon

    The Caliente Horizontal Radiator Range at Stelrad is the Towel Rail Radiator option for your Bathroom, Kitchen or whichever other room you decide to hang your towel or dry off your clothes, with the capability of heating your entire room, as well as making the place look brand new.

    Available in Stelrad’s RAL 9016 Traffic White, this classically coloured radiator combines a traditional rail radiator resemblance with modern heating capabilities. Like the Caliente Rail Radiator and Caliente Vertical Radiator ranges, this superbly structured rail heater has the output to put your warming woes away, with the practical aspect of being able to hang your laundry or towel upon it. This best-selling horizontal hit has the edge over its competitors, with a wide enough variety of sizes to suit your personal needs. The sleek tubular design is easily recognisable, easy to integrate into any environment yet able to improve any room you choose to install it in.

    If you’re looking for something else from our Designer Series, browse this category and explore all available options. If you would like to have a look at a wider range of choices, see our Column Radiator range, or see check out all of our Radiators here.

    All of our radiators are constructed and tested under highly controlled conditions, meaning only the best quality products are available. With a working pressure of 116 psi (8 bar), and conforming to BS EN 442, the European Standard for radiators, every radiator is made under strict guidelines, making them the best that they can possibly be. If a horizontal model isn’t to your liking, see our range of Vertical Radiators here, feel free to mix and match to make your home complete with the full Stelrad package.

    For help deciding which size Caliente Horizontal Radiator is perfect for your home, use our easy to use our Radiator Size Calculator, which will assist in your purchase decision, meaning your brand new Caliente Horizontal Radiator is up and running even sooner.

    Caliente Horizontal Radiators UK – FAQs

    Do Caliente Horizontal Radiators Give Good Heat?

    To put it simply – yes! Like any other Towel Rail Radiator, our Caliente Horizontal range give an exceptional heat output. Horizontal and Vertical Radiators from Stelrad both have an outstanding heat output. To find out which radiator is most efficient for your household, use our BTU Calculator, which will let you know what the most efficient model is for you.

    Can Caliente Horizontal Radiators Be Fitted Vertically?

    Caliente Horizontal Radiators can be fitted vertically. Although it is possible, there are some considerations to take into account before you go ahead with this.

    Whether it will function is one matter, but the overall quoted heat output will not be the same if you decide to go ahead with this. With a lower heat output emitted, we would recommend positioning your Caliente Horizontal Radiator the way it is intended, or else its efficiency will decrease, and your energy for cost balance will become less worthwhile. If you wish to speak with one of our radiator specialists, please contact us here, or alternatively, see all other radiator related FAQs here. We are always happy to assist.