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    Home Series Column Concept From: £387.26 Incl VAT Add a little colour to your home with the Stelrad Home Series Column Concept in Anthracite Grey, the ultra-modern version of the retro Column radiator.
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Our Column Concept Radiators embrace the much-loved, column design and update it with the most on-trend contemporary colour: anthracite grey. The result is a traditional Victorian radiator that is as at home with modern interiors and contemporary industrial décor as it is in period properties.

Available in 4 sizes, our range of handsome Column Concept Rads is available in each size as a 3-column or 4-column radiator. Column radiators have been long-admired for their high-performance power, and the Stelrad Column Concept Radiators are no exception. They provide 2703 to 7355 BTU/hr depending on size and column number.

During Victorian times, column radiators emerged as the first stylish, readily available radiators. Their popularity held throughout Georgian and Edward periods before the standard white radiator took over in new build homes. Though always popular in period homes, the traditional column radiator is seeing a resurgence in popularity for its classic design and high-performance power.

At Stelrad, we have combined traditional design, advances in engineering, and the hottest contemporary colour to create the Stelrad Column Concept Radiator. With modern décor now featuring more traditional design elements, as showcased in grand millennial interiors, this grey radiator is now more popular than ever before. Plus, as part of industrial-style design which has been growing in popularity over the years, this metal radiator is a perfect feature where raw materials take centre stage.

Our Column Concept Rads come in three sizes. If you need help selecting the size of your radiator, use our Radiator Size Calculator. All you need to do is measure your available wall space, input the details into the calculator, and it will recommend radiators suitable for your space.

If you want to add an even larger contemporary twist to this traditional design, you will love our Colum Vertical Concept Radiators. These vertical radiators turn tradition on its head to create a radiator with undeniable, contemporary wow-factor.


Dark tones have taken over home design. With black taps, plum woodwork, and emerald walls all top trends in home design, the anthracite grey Stelrad Column Concept Radiator is the perfect style feature and heating solution. If monochrome minimalism is your style, this anthracite radiator provides authentic styling and a less intimidating contrast than jet black.

Perhaps crisp, white décor is more your style. If so, view our Column Horizontal Radiator. This white radiator works perfectly alongside white doors, woodwork, and coving, or in bathrooms and kitchens. This white model is also available as a vertical radiator: the Column Vertical Radiator.


A key factor to consider when choosing a Stelrad Column Concept Radiator is its number of columns. Each vertical section of the radiator is divided into either 2, 3, or 4 columns. More columns equate to more surface area to produce more heat. Be aware that a 4-column radiator is deeper than a 2-column radiator, and so on, so will extend further from the wall into the room.

The heat produced by a radiator is measured in BTU (British Thermal Units). Before buying a radiator, you need to know the BTU requirement for your room. You can use our BTU Heat Loss Calculator to input your room’s size, construction, glazing, and other factors. This will calculate your room’s BTU requirement, the figure you need to keep in mind when choosing a radiator.

This premium radiator comes with a 5-year warranty to support its quality build and performance. You would not expect any less from Stelrad.

To suit your room’s design or preference, the Column Concept Radiator can be installed as a wall-mounted radiator or a floor-mounted radiator. Suitable brackets are available to purchase separately.

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Shopping online for an item as important as your radiator is not easy. That’s why we have a dedicated team to answer your questions about radiators and the purchasing process. Use our on-page Live Chat feature or visit our Advice Hub.

We are proud to offer the UK’s widest range of radiators, all of the highest quality. We’ve been manufacturing and selling radiators since 1936, so we are experts when it comes to helping our customers find the best radiator. Rest assured that we are here to help you buy your Column Concept Radiator with confidence.


What is a Column Concept Radiator?

Stelrad Column Concept Radiators are created with the traditional column design but with an on-trend anthracite grey colour which matches perfectly with industrial, minimalist or traditional style homes.

Is it a Good Choice to Buy Stelrad Column Concept Radiators?

Column Concept Rads are an efficient way to heat your home whilst adding a stylish feature. Due to the traditional design, there is a larger surface area and space between each column which results in a process taking place where the air around each column is heated. This results in a more efficient overall radiator.