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    Home Series Flat Concept From: £245.49 Incl VAT The Stelrad Home Series Flat Concept offers a minimalist design which is complemented by the elegance of it's Anthracite Grey finish
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The Stelrad Flat Concept Radiators

Flat Concept radiators range is one of Stelrad’s designer radiators, combining exceptional heating efficiency with subtle modern style. This range offers the highest heating technological specifications, but its minimalist design, along with the highly fashionable drip-free Anthracite Grey coating, enhances the sophistication of your home interior.

Despite its dark colour, this top-class heating appliance will not dampen your room, keeping you warm when it counts while drawing the attention of your guests with its eye-catching aesthetic. Say goodbye to classic white and hello to modern on-trend radiators.

Choose the Stelrad Flat Concept Radiator

The Flat Concept radiator you choose will depend on your spatial requirements. There are six size options available in this range, all with heights of 600mm, while their lengths range between 400mm-1400mm. It’s essential to choose the right size radiator to avoid under or overheating the space.

The Stelrad Flat Concept range will enhance your home interiors with a versatile colour scheme that can fit into any home. Our Radiator Size Search Calculator offers a handy tool for further help with your choice of our Flat Concept Radiators. You can size up your options and assess the best option from our Flat Concept Radiators for your home based on the dimensions of your room.

Every Possibility with The Stelrad Flat Concept Radiator

Available as either a K1 type radiator, with one radiator panel and one set of convection fins, or a K2 model with two radiator panels and two sets of convection fins, you are given many choices when purchasing your new highly fashionable Flat Concept Radiator.

Heat outputs of this model range from 364 – 2288 Watts, or 1242 – 7807 Btu/hr, so you can decide how powerful and energy-efficient this modern heating appliance will be in your home. Your heat output needs will differ depending on your home type and size. That is why we provide our very own BTU Heat Loss Calculator, helping you figure out the best model for you and your home, depending on multiple factors regarding the size and qualities of your home.

For more information on the Flat Concept Radiators and all other radiator related topics, see our radiator advice page, where we hope your question will be answered. Alternatively, contact us here, where we will get back to you as quickly as possible. We are always happy to help.

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Stelrad Flat Concept Radiators FAQs

How Do I Calculate BTU Before Buying Flat Concept Radiators?

Calculating the BTU output required is vital before purchasing, and you can use our heat loss calculator to determine this for your room. BTU stands for British Thermal Unit which is an energy unit used to measure a radiator’s output to heat a room. It is essential to calculate the BTU you need before buying radiators as every room is different and will experience some form of heat loss. The size of the room as well as features such as whether there is single or double glazed windows will all influence heat loss.

Are Flat Concept Radiators Simple to Install By Myself?

The Stelrad Flat Concept Radiators come with an Installation and Technical Guide that you can use to assist you with the set-up process and learn about the internal specifications of the product itself. We know that some of our customers prefer to see the installation process first-hand, so we also provide a clear video to depict this process. Using our advice page, you can learn insight on how to have your new Flat Concept Radiator up and running, enhancing your home décor in no time at all.

There is also a range of radiator accessories available for the Stelrad Concord Plane Radiator, such as wall brackets, a wall mount kit and open foot covers should you need them.

How Long is the Warranty Period On a Flat Concept Radiator?

As one of the highest quality, highly durable radiator models, Stelrad Flat Concept Radiators come with a 10 Year Warranty; as we know, this hardwearing, stylish heating appliance will last for many years to come. If this isn’t the right product for you, or you’re looking for something else entirely, browse our entire website and check out all other radiator options available.