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    For those who take time to decorate their home with pride, a radiator will not just be used to heat up your house, but also as a decorative piece. At Stelrad, we have a selection of Designer Radiators available on our online radiator store, ideal for heating up your home and adding a touch of style. For those who prefer more tasteful, sophisticated furniture inside their homes, elegant radiators could add just the touch you’re looking for. Any radiators ordered from Stelrad will have up to 15 years warranty included.


    Radiators are something we all need inside our homes, especially in the UK where we have very cold winters. Some brands offer huge radiators that heat up any type of room within minutes, but in certain homes they can look bulky and draw too much attention. If you are looking for a more elegant radiator, we have a range of suitable options that will give any room in your house the warm you need, while not making too much of a statement.


    At Stelrad, one of the most elegant styles we sell is the column radiators that come in a range of styles and colours, ideal for any bedroom, living room, kitchen or even the bathroom. Extra thin columns give these radiators a stylish touch. Some of the best-selling elegant radiators include coloured radiators and chrome radiators, however, elegance can be completely down to preference. Elegant radiators are usually popular in small rooms, like bathrooms and bedrooms but you can search specifically by room on our website if you are only looking for one radiator. Many like to buy a few radiators at once so they are completely matching throughout the whole house.

    Column radiators might be more difficult to clean than your average radiator as they have gaps, however, it will all be worth it. You will need to go for the smaller size column radiators if you want to place them underneath windows, or the larger sizes if you’d like to have them in your bathroom. Although, towel rail radiators might be a more appropriate option for bathrooms, as they are specifically designed to heat up your dry towel before the bath or dry a damp towel after you have used it.


    What is classed as an elegant radiator?

    Elegant radiators are stylish models that make any room look better, while providing heat in the warmer months. Elegant radiators are usually thinner than your average radiator and will fit in any size room. If you have space for a larger radiator, you don’t have to completely fill the space, some of our smaller radiators are just as efficient as the larger ones, and much more elegant.

    How can I keep my elegant radiator clean?

    When it comes to keeping your elegant radiator clean, there are a few different ways to do this. You can use antibacterial wipes or a cleaning cloth with cleaning spray. No matter what style of radiator you go for, you should ensure it stays clean and free from dusk. If you turn on a radiator that is dusty, dust can travel around the room and be bad for anyone with allergies or asthma. Dusk will also stop your radiator from performing, so make sure you dusk it or hoover it regularly. Ensure you always use soft clothes to clean your radiator as you don’t want to scratch it.

    What elegant radiators generate the most heat?

    Elegant radiators not only look good, they also will heat your room up in minutes if you go for the right material. Radiators made from aluminium have the greatest heat output potential, so if you live in a cold place, you can think about going for this material for your radiator.

    Why should I go for an elegant radiator from Stelrad?

    At Stelrad, we have been a number one radiator supplier for over 75 years and when you purchase from us you know you’ll have warranty and high-quality heating for your house. We also offer fast delivery and completely free delivery if you spend a certain amount. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us today.