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    Horizontal Harmony With Softline Deco

    Stelrad Softline Deco Radiators are a must-have addition to your home. One of our best-selling radiators from the Softline Series, this understated product performs unconditionally well under any circumstance, not only sufficiently heating your home, but also adding an essence of style and class that will enhance the overall aesthetic of any room you install it within. Check out the various options available to start your home improvement journey and warm up with the best around, by purchasing the Stelrad Deco Softline.

    This panelled Softline Deco Radiator option is one of the finest heating appliances you can buy on the UK market. With horizontal lines running across the front panel of the Stelrad Softline Deco Radiator, this sleek looking appliance really draws the line when it comes to top of the range heating. Available in one colour option, our trademark RAL 9016 Traffic White paint is used to coat this marvellous heating application, with run-free, heat resistant properties that allow your new Stelrad Softline Deco Radiator to retain its exquisite exterior, no matter how hot it gets.

    The Stelrad Softline Deco Radiators is available as two different types, the K1 or K2 model. The K1 possesses 1 set of convection fins and 1 radiator, panel, whereas the K2 has 2 sets of convection fins and 2 radiator panels installed onto it. With wattage outputs of 300 – 600 or Btu/hr of 802 – 10925, the Stelrad Softline Deco Radiators is unassumingly powerful. Subtle in its looks as well as its performative capabilities, this must-have product is guaranteed to keep your home warm throughout the year. We understand that energy efficiency is a key factor when making a radiator purchase. That’s why we provide our very own BTU Heat Loss Calculator, so when you purchase your new Stelrad Deco Softline, you know what the long term costs will be, dependent on the size of your room.

    Stelrad Softline Deco: Soft Edged Style

    Buying a new Stelrad Deco Softline will simultaneously brighten and heat up your room, completing the look of your interior décor. Even so, choosing the right size for your requirements is essential. Heights of this product range from 300mm – 600mm, with length options between 400mm – 2000mm. This vast range of height and length options enables you with freedom when installing your new Stelrad Deco Softline, and you won’t have to make any sacrifices by placing your new product somewhere you would rather not. Shopping online sometimes feels like you’re miles away from the product, and you really can’t figure out what the true-to-life size of it is. That’s where we come in. Another useful tool we have is the Radiator Size Search Calculator, which allows you to enter your required radiator measurements, ensuring you order the correct size of Stelrad Softline Deco Radiator when you buy online. For further assistance in installing this product, we also offer a Technical and Installation Guide for the Stelrad Softline Deco, which will clearly explain the set up process, as well as detailing all the intricate workings of the appliance itself. If you would prefer to watch a video depicting this process, watch here, and you’ll have your new Stelrad Deco Softline heating your home in no time at all.

    If you are looking for another model of radiator, we assure you we can provide. See our full range of radiators here, with hundreds of products to choose from.

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