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    Stelrad Planar Horizontal: Specialising In Style

    The Stelrad Planar Horizontal Radiator is a must have addition to your home. The smooth, sleek, flat surface of our Stelrad Planar Horizontal Radiators makes them integrable into any home that thrives on exquisite style, generating a minimalistic atmosphere that simply shines with sophistication.

    Stelrad Planar Horizontal Radiators are the must-have heating appliance for your home. Simplicity on the outside, complex technological engineering within, this model will supply heat, draw eyes, and enhance your home interior. Arriving at your door fully assembled, this flat bodied beauty can bring life to your living room, kindly gracing your kitchen or making your bathroom simply bodacious. Stelrad Planar Horizontal Radiators possess fully integrated top grilles and side panels, which are extremely easy to take apart when cleaning. You can also buy spare accessories such as these within our website, so even when the product begins to naturally age, you can keep it looking brand new for years to come. Installation of the Stelrad Planar Horizontal Radiator may sound like a big task, but rest assured, the process is surprisingly easy. For more information regarding the specifications of the Stelrad Planar Horizontal Radiator, as well as installation instructions to assist in the process, see the Stelrad Planar Horizontal Radiator Technical and Installation Guide.

    A huge range of sizes are available for the Stelrad Planar Horizontal Radiator, 80 in total. This allows you to choose the perfect size of Stelrad Planar Horizontal Radiator for your home, without having to compromise. Heights of this model range from 300 – 700mm tall, with lengths spanning from 400 – 2000mm, making this one of our most comprehensive ranges of radiator available to buy. If you need assistance figuring out what the right size is for you, use our Radiator Size Search Calculator to assess your options.

    Horizontal Heat Heaven

    Every Stelrad Planar Horizontal Radiator comes equipped with a directional air vent to direct the flow of water during venting. The convectors are precision-welded directly onto the waterways, which results in an extremely efficient energy output. For help deciding which model is right for you, we offer an extremely useful tool. Try the BTU Heat Loss Calculator to find out which Stelrad Planar Horizontal Radiator is right for you. Whether it is a K1 model with 1 set of convector fins and 1 radiator panel, or a more powerful K2 model, with 2 sets of convection fins and 2 radiator panels, we have a wide range of options regarding power output, overall efficiency, and bodily size.

    Along with our classic RAL 9016 Traffic White, Stelrad Planar Horizontal Radiators are also available in a massive range of different colour options, 36 in total. This means your radiator can match your mood, style, or scenery. Whether it’s a flash of yellow to embody the warmth of Summer, a cool blue to chill you out, or one of our other colour options available. Trust us, we will have the option that is just right for you.

    Perhaps the Stelrad Planar Horizontal Radiator isn’t quite what you’re looking for. Not to worry, our ranges of Radiator are so vast, there is truly something for everyone. Browse our entire website and find the perfect addition to your home. You won’t be disappointed.

    If you have any more radiator related queries, do feel free to get in touch by contacting us here. One of our radiator specialists will get back to you in no time at all. Alternatively, check out our FAQs page, where we hope your question will be answered. We are always happy to help.