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    Radiators don’t have to be used for only one reason; they can add decoration to your home as well as warmth. For those who have an eye for interior and a passion for vintage decor, an antique radiator might be the perfect addition to your home. Whether you are looking to refurbish a new home or an old one, we have a selection of some of the eldest school radiators you will find on the market. At Stelrad, all our radiators come with a warranty and will be delivered within 48 hours, depending on your postcode.


    Your radiator not only needs to be for heating up the house, but it can also act as a decoration feature. For those who don’t have young children, our cast iron column radiators make a statement on any wall within your home, it could be in the kitchen, living room, bathroom or perhaps you’d like one in every room in your house? Many of our customers like to stay consistent with their radiator choices and go for one design to use in every room in their homes.

    At Stelrad, our cast iron radiators are available in a range of dark colours, making them look extra authentic and suitable to hide any scratches or bumps. Dark colours are always a good choice when it comes to radiators as they insulate the heat and will provide maximum efficiency. Antique radiators and old style radiators are always a win, win!


    Old style radiator options are popular among those who put decor ahead of comfort, as they can sometimes be a dangerous hazard if you have small children. Many people go for rustic 1970s radiators to give their homes an old fashioned retro feel. In the 1970s, radiators were produced with steel convector fins on the outside, this made them more efficient. Not much has changed since then when it comes to the world of radiators, only the fact that roll tops have been introduced to keep radiators safer. These are useful if you have children or fear falling on a radiator. The old fashioned radiators were always open and had welded top edges. Many families and couples go for compact radiators as they have a cover over the panels to keep things neat and safer. These types of radiators will also mean nothing can get trapped or lodged inside them, like children’s toys. Compact radiators aren’t always smaller than your average radiator. Browse our Stelrad column radiators to get that 1970s retro look.


    If you are looking to save on floor space, you can go for 1970s radiators like an old fashioned radiator to fit up the wall, inside or horizontally across it. Old fashioned radiators are ideal for hallways, small bedrooms, bathrooms, and home offices, but of course, wouldn’t fit under a window. You can make more of a statement with vertical column radiators, especially if you have a few of them around the house. For those who aren’t sure where you could put an old fashioned radiator but you’d like one in your home. You can use our Stelrad by room feature to help you decide on the best old school radiators in a vintage style.


    When deciding on the best old fashioned radiators for your home, they don’t have to be painted in classic old style radiators’ colours. We have a selection of brighter coloured column radiators that are ideal in bedrooms to match decor or furniture, just make sure the 1970s radiators you pick out aren’t in colours that clash with the furniture you already own. Get that old style radiator look and feel all around the house, whether you decide on dark colours or brighter ones to create a more warming atmosphere for the winter months.


    Are old fashioned radiators more difficult to clean?

    Usually, 1970s radiators aren’t difficult to clean, they will often be easier to maintain as the pipes can be hoovered as they are open, without a cover. It’s essential you do keep your old style radiators free from dusk so they can work as efficiently as possible. Like most radiators, old fashioned radiators can be cleaned with warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Always go for soft clothes so you don’t scratch off any of the paint on your old style radiators.

    How often will I need to bleed an old fashioned radiator?

    It is recommended to bleed any radiator at least once a year, some of the vertical radiators will start to get cold at the top if they have trapped air inside them. Make sure you drain out any air so they can work efficiently and properly heat up. You will end up wasting money on energy bills if your radiators have trapped air inside and your home won’t be warm enough.

    What makes a radiator 1970s style?

    You can tell a radiator is 1970s style as it won’t have a cover, you will be able to see the panels. Radiator covers were developed and added later, as a safety measure for those who wanted to protect children or adults from falling and harming themselves accidentally on a radiator.

    How can I protect my old fashioned radiators from corrosion?

    You will want to avoid corrosion at all costs and keep your old style radiators free from any rust and marks. To make sure your radiator doesn’t encounter corrosion, you can follow all our advice.