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    Colour: +32 Various Sizes
    Home Series Column Horizontal Coloured From: £415.62 Incl VAT Stelrad Home Series Column Horizontal Coloured has colour options to harmonise with the boldest or most neutral of decors.
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Stelrad Classic Column Horizontal Radiators: Contemporary Classics

Classic Column Horizontal Radiators from Stelrad are perfect for your home. This range presents you with a traditional yet stylish look for your Living Room or Bathroom, a warming addition to your Bedroom to enhance your décor and gives you a chance to try something new, whichever room you decide to install it in. Stelrad’s Classic Column Horizontal Radiators offer style and finesse, while maintaining a somewhat traditional, classic look for your home.

With 28 size options to choose from, there is a Stelrad Classic Column Horizontal Radiator for any and every household, no matter the shape or size of your room. As well as possessing such a huge range of size options, we also offer a vast number of colours from every end of the spectrum. Whether it’s a Pearl White, an Ultra Marine Blue, or anything in between, the choices are endless, and your new Stelrad Classic Column Horizontal Radiator will blend in, stand out or just fit in, depending on your own personal style and preference. With 35 pallet options to choose from, no matter the theme of your home interior, we will have a Stelrad Classic Column Horizontal Radiator for you. The column design is a must have that will have your guests impressed at your heating facilities while admiring the elegant curves of your new feature, it really is the full package.

You might find yourself thinking, “is this the right radiator for me?”

With a huge range of Column Radiators available at Stelrad, you’ll be spoiled for choice, but we have a couple of useful tools to assist with your decision-making process. For help in deciding what size radiator is best for you, use our Radiator Size Search Calculator, so when your Stelrad Classic Column Horizontal Radiator arrives, its size won’t be an unwelcome surprise. When it comes to energy efficiency and how cost effective your new Classic Column Horizontal Radiator from Stelrad will be for you, using our BTU Heat Loss Calculator will help you decide which radiator will be most beneficial for you in the long-term.

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Classic Horizontal Column Radiators UK- FAQs

What Is A Column Radiator?

A Column Radiator really speaks for itself. Column radiators, such as our Stelrad Classic Column Horizontal Radiators, are generally traditionally styled radiators. The columns are hollow tubes, which the heated water runs within, which reaches you in your room through convection, keeping your house warm throughout the year.

How Do You Turn On A Column Radiator?

Like any Stelrad Radiator, turning on a Column Radiator such as one of our Classic Column Horizontal Radiators is a simple process. Once you have turned on the central heating in your house, simply turn the radiator dial counterclockwise to switch it on. It’s as simple as that and in no time at all you’ll be sitting cosy and warm in the comfort of your home.

For more FAQs regarding Column Radiators and all other radiator questions, see our FAQ page where hopefully your question will be answered. Alternatively, contact us here, where one of our radiator experts will get back to you as quick as possible. We are always happy to help.