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    The #1 Professional Choice

    Welcome to the Professional Designer Series Radiators from Stelrad. We invite you to browse the most extensive range of Professional Designer Radiators that the UK has to offer, available for any workspace, any application and any specialist requirement. Look through the vast selection of our Professional Designer Series Radiators, and we assure you, you won’t be disappointed when searching for a new Professional Radiator for your work environment.

    Professional Designer Series Radiators from Stelrad are available in any shape or size, offering a huge range of radiators with varying functions and capabilities. The Professional Designer Series has an astounding 287 radiator options available, so you won’t be hard up for choice when searching for a new Professional Designer Radiator for your environment. From our Tubed radiator range, with Single or Double Tube options available, our Column Radiator options with 2, 3 and 4 column options offered, depending on your personal work requirements, to our Panel Radiators, available as K1, K2, K3, P+ and P2 radiators, allowing you to choose your radiator based upon how many radiator panels and convection fins they have. Ultimately the type of radiator you choose will likely be based upon its overall efficiency value, and we have the most extensive range offered in the UK. For help deciding which Professional Designer Series Radiator is perfect to heat up your hotel, warm up your warehouse or open your office opportunities, we have an extremely useful tool that will help you whittle down your work warming options in terms of efficiency. The BTU Heat Loss Calculator will assist in the decision-making process, allowing you to buy a Professional Designer Series Radiator that is cost effective, as well as looking and performing as optimally as all Stelrad products do.

    Professional Designer Series: The Pinnacle Of Performance

    Whether it is a Vertical or Horizontal Radiator you are looking for to heat up your workspace, we will have the Professional Designer Series Radiator option for you. Spanning from Towel Rail Radiators of any shape, size, or colour, to Chrome Radiators that will give your place of work that extra sheen factor, the options are limitless with Professional Designer Series Radiators at Stelrad. The dimensions of our dynamic Professional Designer Series Radiators are limitless, so if you need assistance in making your purchase decision to transform your place of work into the hot haven, we know it deserves to be, also try our Radiator Size Search Calculator, which will help you to easily assess which size of Professional Designer Series Radiator is right for your environment.

    For Professional Designer Series Radiators with extra safety features, we also offer a range of Safety Series Radiators, that are specially designed to emit a low surface temperature, ensuring that those who come into contact with them remain safe at all times. All Professional Designer Series Radiators within the Safety Series bracket come with an extra secure insulative casing, available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, making the perfect for environments such as gyms, schools, nurseries, care homes, or any professional environment that necessitates extra protection, at all times.

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