Irish new build development sees heat pumps and radiators working side by side…

There’s a new build housing development in deepest Ireland that is proving that new renewable heating systems and radiators make excellent partners.

Eastmount, on Chapel Road in Delgany, close to Greystones and just 45 minutes south of Dublin in County Wicklow, can be found just across the Greystones golf course from the Irish sea. The development by D-Res Properties, will provide 74 new three, four and five bedroom homes with open plan living and features high levels of insulation, air to water heat pumps and Stelrad’s Compact with Style radiators throughout the properties to ensure the homes are warm and cosy throughout the year. In all, around 850 radiators will be installed at Eastmount.

“This is an excellent example of exactly why radiators are fully compatible with modern renewable heating systems,” says Stelrad’s Head of Marketing, Chris Harvey. “If you believed all the hype you’d expect to see underfloor heating with heat pumps, but particularly in Ireland where they are a fair bit ahead of us in the UK, they are pairing heat pumps with radiators extensively and finding that when the radiators are correctly sized, and installed in homes with excellent quality insulation, they deliver excellent heating performance. An air to water heat pump is very different technology to a traditional boiler driven heating system but once you understand that and play to a heat pump’s features and benefits, the lower temperature heating system can deliver more than adequate heating and hot water and in addition offer lower heating bills and lower emissions alongside higher energy efficiency – it’s a win, win solution for new homes builders and for the new homes owners who are lucky enough to live in these homes and benefit from the warmth and comfort they provide.”

The Compact with Style radiators are sleek, attractive radiators that far from being simply a heating appliance, add significant smartness to the rooms in which they are installed – with the subtle vertical lined casings matching the attractive décor in these striking new homes.

To find out more about the Compact with Style radiators being installed in this new development and the compatibility of radiators with air to water heat pumps in new or replacement heating systems, head for

Head for ‘Fit for the future’ to find out more about radiators partnering with heat pumps. You can call for information on 0844 543 6200 or email [email protected]. Alternatively, you can also see regular updates from Stelrad on Twitter @Stelrad and Facebook @StelradRadiators.






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