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Fit for the Future

Helping to heat homes sustainably

At Stelrad Group, we believe that our long-term success depends on us proactively addressing the sustainability challenges that we face. Our Fit for the Future sustainability framework focuses on the material issues for Stelrad Group and its stakeholders. Centred around our core purpose, helping to heat homes sustainably, it reflects the significant role we can play in the transition to a zero-carbon heating industry.

Our purpose is enabled by two strategic pillars. Driving better environmental performance is about reducing our impact on the environment whilst also engaging and educating our value chain to work with us to transition effectively to the sustainable heating systems of the future. Our people are fundamental to the success of our business and by enabling an exceptional workforce, we are focused on helping our people contribute positively to the delivery of our strategy and our sustainability objectives.

Finally, all our efforts are underpinned by strong governance, exceptional safety standards and effective oversight of supply chain management, which are the structural foundations for achieving our objectives and are summarised as conducting business responsibly.


Stelrad’s range of radiators are designed with the future in mind.

Climate change, resource scarcity, social inequality and corporate transparency are some of the defining issues of our time. Customer interests are increasingly driven by  Environmental, Social and Governance factors (ESG), and having a robust sustainability strategy is at the heart of Stelrad’s decision making. Stelrad are playing their
part, by developing solutions which are compatible with a low carbon, green and inclusive world.

Our Italian manufacturing plant uses 100% renewable energy in its manufacturing processes, generated from photovoltaic roof panels. Greatly reducing the carbon footprint within the production process.

We use 90% recycled aluminium to manufacture our aluminium Electric products. We carefully select the material for each product to help customers achieve the best balance between efficiency and comfort.


Your local council can confirm whether your nearest household waste recycling centre will accept radiators. Alternatively, it can be traded at a scrap metal yard.



For more information on what we have achieved so far and our future plans, please visit the Stelrad plc website.

Stelrad Low Temperature Systems


Stelrad have been the leading radiator brand in the UK since 1936. We are proud of our history and knowledge and are constantly innovating to deliver heating solutions for a renewable future.

We have created a handy guide which gives you the background and information about what the renewable future looks like and how it impacts the way we heat our homes. Click the brochure below to read our guide about the renewables future or watch the video:

Stelrad Low Temperature Systems     Stelrad Low Temperature Systems

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