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Stelrad Radiators is offering the first UK manufactured 90% green steel Compact radiator range.

With sustainability a primary focus here at Stelrad, we know that our customers are also continuously looking for sustainable products for their homes and buildings. The Stelrad Green Series is the next step in our commitment to provide greener radiators, helping our customers to contribute directly to reducing atmospheric CO₂. This range will help to ensure homes across the UK can be powered by radiators made with clean green steel.

Why should I buy a Stelrad Green Compact?

  • The Optemis® Carbon Lite steel used contributes to a reduction in atmospheric CO₂
  • Optemis® Carbon Lite insetting scheme is certified by DNV to prove the steel has 90% lower embodied CO₂ emissions at source
  • The Optemis® Carbon Lite steel is produced by renewable energy and manufactured in the UK by Tata Steel
  • Revenues from the sale of Optemis® Carbon Lite certificates are used to fund projects generating further CO₂ savings to be verified by DNV, speeding up decarbonisation
  • Radiators are 100% recyclable, with zero plastic used for the outer packaging.

How much CO₂ is being saved per radiator?

  • Saving 50kg of CO₂ emissions for a typical radiator
  • Savings are equivalent to driving a small car for over 250 miles for each radiator
  • Enabling Stelrad to meet Scope 3 targets and declare low-embodied-CO₂ products

From April 2024, there will be 60 horizontal models to choose from, which can be identified by the Green Series branding.


Watch the video:

Green Series Radiators

Going Green Together

Tata Steel’s continued commitment to decarbonisation include the adoption of Science Based Targets (SBTi) to put their plan on a science-based trajectory, with a reduction in their CO₂ emissions of up to 80% by 2035 compared with a 2018 baseline. Tata Steel plans to completely overhaul their main steelmaking technology within this decade.

This means reductions in CO₂ emissions in this insetting scheme can be passed on to Stelrad, enabling Stelrad to also achieve immediate Scope 3 emission savings.

All revenues generated by the ‘green steel’ process are reinvested to fund additional projects, thereby generating further CO₂ savings to be verified by leading assurance organisation DNV (Det Norske Veritas). These projects ultimately speed up decarbonisation efforts within the UK.

The CO₂ savings generated are deposited in a  ‘CO₂ bank’, the mechanism of how Tata Steel operate the ‘CO₂ bank’ are also audited by the same 3rd party. DNV, which is a leading verification and certification authority is carrying out this work.

Download the DNV statement >

Reducing Scope 3 Emissions


  • When discussing CO₂ emissions, there is a common distinction drawn between Scope 1 & 2 emissions, which are directly related to Stelrad’s energy usage, and Scope 3 emissions, which are released within the supply chain of Stelrad’s products and are often not under Stelrad’s direct control. Stelrad already has excellent control of its Scope 1 and 2 emissions, with Stelrad UK reducing these by 32% in 2022 compared to 2021.
  • This was achieved through a combination of reducing our overall energy usage and increasing our use of renewable energy through, for example, through a number of energy improvement processes. However, Scope 3 emissions are estimated to account for c.95% of the total emissions related to Stelrad’s products.
  • Furthermore, the purchase of steel accounts for c.72% of total emissions. Clearly, decarbonisation of the steel supply chain is vital for Stelrad’s own supply chain, and increasing purchases of Carbon Lite is a concrete way of investing in the decarbonisation of steel, whilst contributing to immediate reductions in Stelrad’s Scope 3 emissions.
UK First
Tata Steel is supplying UK made 90% Carbon Lite steel to Stelrad within the radiator market.
Market Leaders
Two UK market leaders working together to create a better future.
DNV Certified
Det Norske Veritas (DNV) Certification – Independently verified 90% lower embodied CO₂ emissions.
Zero Plastic
100% recyclable, with zero plastic used for the outer packaging.
Optemis® Carbon Lite
Process using renewable energies, not coal or gas, to reduce CO₂ emissions at source.
100% Green
Our vision is to help fund the industry to become 100% green.
Zero plastic will be used for the outer packaging


  • Stelrad are already improving the packaging across all products and all panel radiators are currently shrink wrapped with plastic made from 30% recycled plastic. However, for the Green Series the plastic has completely been removed and the new Green Compact is transported within cardboard and paper only.
  • The Stelrad Green Compact is safely secured within a sturdy cardboard box rather than shrink wrapped with plastic corner protectors. It’s high gloss paint finish is protected inside the box by tissue paper to reduce movement and avoid scratches, and the fixing kit has been switched from a plastic bag to a small envelopebox.
  • These packaging materials are entirely reusable or recyclable by the customer so there is also less packaging waste.
Stelrad are delivering reduced embodied CO₂ radiators with Optemis® Carbon Lite from Tata Steel built-in. STELRAD AND TATA STEEL UK GOING GREEN TOGETHER

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